Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our garden

Our goal is to one day have about a half acre of just garden.  Right now, we just have a few raised beds and containers and that's it.  But, we're making the most of it for sure.  We cleared out the beds and turn the soil and planted some seeds, bulbs and plants.  Some things, tried and true and some new.  We test something new each year.  Kids are helping with it too which is nice.  Nik planted all the onions. 

Yeh, ignore the compost bin as well as that stupid scrap wood pile.  URGHH!!!  This is a very small garden compared to what we want but we work w/ what we've got.  There are 6 separate beds here.  Top one far right will have 4 pepper plants that are huge.  Buy them at Sam's.  They produce ALL summer long!  Great peppers.  should be in the store soon.  Second one down is the leeks and onions.  Onion bulbs are just coming up.  Leeks are already up.  Just bought 2 leeks b/c this is the first year we're trying these.  Bottom of course is the tomato bed.  We eat lots of tomatoes here.

Took this photo before I'd finished weeding this bed.  That big puff is oregano from last year!  It comes back every year and takes over more and more.  Good though.  Locals, need some, come and get it.  

This bed is starting to come up.  It is a mix of spring mixes, lettuces and radishes.  Should be a productive bed.  

Last bed is not shown but will have beans in it for sure.  Not sure what else yet.  This small container is our chives.  They also produce all year, even through the winter.  We cut them every time we have baked potatoes, chili, or soup.  It's small but is all we need every time.  

These are the containers for one type of lettuce.  Another container for 2 strawberry plants. Seeing how they do this year.  It's a test.  

This is what I cut off for lunch today.  Yum!  Like I said, we'd love a super big garden.  Hopefully, we can sell and move and enjoy a nice big garden.  We'll see.  Otherwise, plenty of space for containers for sure.  And, if we stay, have ideas for planters all along the driveway.  All I know, is we love being able to grow our own food.  Well, part of it anyways.  More to come tomorrow.  Bill paying time is calling me. 

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