Sunday, March 25, 2012

One lucky kid

Today, Sunday, Max came home from walking the dog and told me he was so lucky!  This is why:

Yes, he found not just one, but 3 four-leaf clovers!

Here they are for proof!  He just looks at a patch of clovers and can spot them.  All my kids can that have visual processing disorders.  Actually, it's pretty freaky.  Drives me bonkers cause I can't even find one.  They can look at an entire field and spot them almost instantly.  I think it's a pretty unique gift myself.  Max however, was not happy his good luck didn't start immediately.  He's still waiting.  LOL.  Thought I should share.  Hey, 4 posts in one day.  Maybe I'll one day get caught up.  Hey, there are two great boys ready to be hosted that will be one Monday's post first thing.  They MUST find a place and want to come to America.  It IS their turn.  Great kids and can't wait to share about them.  I would host again in a heartbeat.  However, just being home a few months, we need to wait a little longer to get settled.  Much more to come tomorrow though. 

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