Friday, March 16, 2012

Nik's makings

Haven't done one of these in awhile & considering how Nik is always making something, I figured it was time.  The other day, Nik wanted to make a birdhouse and a bird feeder.  He saw the one I had hidden in my closet. It's for them to do while we're at the hospital next week.  Keep them busy for Irina is key.  Anyhow, he was still determined, especially after we had just gotten another bird feeder the other day. 

Nik had a different concept and approach than the one above. 

Nik, very proud of starting his creation.  Why it had to take an entire roll of tape, I'll never know.  

The top part is the birdhouse.  The bottom part is the bird feeder.  He put bread crumbs in it later.  On the paper, he wrote Mom, Bob and Nik.  Bob is how he writes Dad.  He always does his d's as b's.  

He had just finished adding the door part of the bird house.  Logan was his assistant.  

They decided it belong on the front porch.  I'm guessing it may actually scare the poor birds away.  

Ahh, the finished product, bread crumbs and all.

Another view of our redneck decor.  Tell me your not jealous.  LOL.  

Tonight is Friday.  Warren and I went to Lowes and Wally World.  Needed supplies for fixing up the house.  Got Puss and Boots for our movie this evening.  Warren made homemade philly cheese steaks.  Yum.  Alex looks like a horrid zombie movie extra.  Poor kid has allergies and poison ivy so bad.  Hoping it clears up soon.  Warren was sick today.  Poor guy.  Now, my chest is killing me.  Think sinuses have jumped to my lungs.  Could be all the gardening I've been doing too.  Who knows.  No fever though & activity level the same.  It too shall pass.  Life goes on.  Time for our movie and some relaxation for a change.  Tomorrow is soccer & pending how everyone feels, possibly an outing.  Play it by ear.  Have a wonderful weekend.  I'll try to catch up on a few things soon. 

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