Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Nik Nak

I love him to pieces.  That will never change.  From day one when I saw that picture, he was firmly on my heart from then on.  He is growing.  REally fast!  Too fast for mom.  He still crawls into bed in the mornings (weekends) to cuddle for a few minutes.  If he sees someone coming, he gets up.  Now that's a sure sign he's getting older.  I'm taking advantage of this cuddle time as I know it is soon to come to an end.  He's 9. 

My little big guy on a bike.  I know, I know.  We all need new bikes.  But, if it works...use it.  Nik just is growing into a nice young man.  Though working on a few etiquite skills, he's come very far on things.  Very far.  I was stunned when I worked w/ him on regrouping and he got it first try!  It was fantastic.  Though he forgot this morning, he quickly remembered after a review.  He's taking an interest to history a bit.  Today he drew a poster for me.  I'll show it to you all later.  It was regarding WW1.  Let's just say I learned to sign bombs and explode today.  I love  Great dictionary that has come in handy for Nik and I.  I also learned worm and skin today as did he.  We're studying amphibians.  Frogs right now.  

Nik is growing in so many ways.  He is still very shy w/ new people.  He loves being the big brother.  Summer loves it too.  Nik has learned to stand his ground and is not afraid to speak his mind.  Nik is fascinated w/ knitting.  I know Nik and I may never have a verbal conversation.  But trust me, there are enough words to convey how we feel.  I have enough sign now to ask him questions.  That is one thing his speech therapist and I are trying to work on.  He doesn't like to answer questions whether in sign or speech.  I'm not sure if he's afraid of being wrong or what.  I know Nik will go far in life.  He wants to read so, so badly.  We read books every single day.  I do sight words every single day.  We do phonics.  The hard part is knowing he wants it so badly. I know we'll get there.  He is progressing.  Just slowly.  Remember, we are not solely dealing w/ deafness.  It's also FAS and ADHD.  It gets tough to know sometimes the direction to turn.  However, I will let Nik guide me.  I have come to learn to read him in his actions.  I would love for him to stay young forever.  I really would.  I love how he wants to still give me a kiss from time to time.  I love his quest for knowledge.  I love his spunk, his activeness, his genuine curiosity, and so much more.  There is way to much to tell about Nik.  Just know, I love him to pieces.  Yes, he's 9 and driving me crazy in some ways.  But he is also my youngest son.  He is still my baby boy.  Love you Nik Nak! 

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