Monday, March 26, 2012

Manic Monday

So much happening around here.  Today, Bojan stayed home.  Glad he did.  His foot turned purple.  Still needs to be elevated and that is just too hard to do at school.   Plus, his teachers gave him all the work for this week.  So, no big deal.  He's down to only taking Tylenol now so that's great.  They don't have school Friday anyhow so not bad.  He'll be fine.  Bojan already started doing some of his school work. 

I let him play substitute today for me and he took it to heart.  He gave the kids a pop quiz on multiplication.  LOL.  They did NOT like that.  Alex got an 85 which is awesome.  First try.  Logan failed first time which I was not happy about b/c I know for a fact he can do better.  And he did the second go around.  Reni shocked me and got a 100 the first try!  I told Bojan to make sure she doesn't try to sneak.  She said Reni did not do that.  It was all her!  Way to go.  When she first got here, cheating was an issue.  That's why I watch her now.  I think she's built enough confidence to know she can do it on her own.  And, that's great.  Alyona still needs a lot of work but what shocked me is how they pulled together to help her get it.  Was really awesome to witness.  These are the same children that could easily throw each other under the bus in a heart beat. 

Irina is making no bake cookies.  She did not have to work today.  So, I've used her help gladly.  She'll be working on her paper a little later today.  Once I'm done w/ younger ones. 

Vet came today for Digby's yearly check up.  We finally figured out what Digby is doing when people come to the door.  We at first thought he was trying to bite but no one was bit.  No, he's not doing that.  He's herding the people into the house.  He is Australian Shepard and at times, we forget that natural instinct he has.  He is nudging people w/ his nose into the house.  More relieved to hear that.  He is still our very mellow fellow.  Kota of course has to be heard.  Vet said to treat him kind of like a cat.  Ignore the barking and pay him no attention.  He sounds so mean when he's barking yet wagging his tail happily.  The dog just wants people to know he's got the last word.  Alaska is of course always looking for someone to pet her.  Only issue she has is she tends to want to jump up on people.  Trying to break that habit.  Doesn't help when the kids tell her to jump up on them.  URGHH!!!   She's such a sweetie though.  Once our tax money comes in, we'll be doing something we've never done before.  We'll be taking Kota to a personal training session and see what comes of it.  See if we can get the barking stopped better than with a water bottle.  Once you're in though, he wants to play and wants you to pet him. 

We did lots of school work today which was great.  It's spring time and we're studying spring.  Tomorrow, we'll be doing some outdoor items.  Too nice not to. 

Still waiting on the bus issue to be resolved so that Bojan can ride the bus to school.  I physically can not get him loaded into the van.  School is requesting a special sticker on his wheelchair that says approved for transportation.  Never had to have this before and never had a problem before.  This wheelchair is borrowed from the church since it's short term.  There is no sticker on it.  Not sure what they're going to do. 

Working on a bunch of house stuff this week.

No medical appointments this week.  Thank goodness.  None for next week either.  After that though, they start back up again.  Older kids have off school starting Friday.  We're going to continue homeschooling here though as we have things to finish up.  Not doing anything over spring break.  I am watching another child but nothing exciting.  Our trips are done in the summer as it takes too much time to get the kids regulated back to go somewhere over spring break. 

Home school academy is over.  Kids will miss it.  However, soccer is keeping them quite busy on Tues, Thurs., and Saturdays.  Starting in April, the kids will have clubs again on Wednesdays.  So, I think we're good w/ getting out places.  LOL.  Lots of plans in the works for various places we want to go.  Deaf Camp is coming in May.  Wahoo!!!  Bulgarian Reunion in June!!!  Family Reunion in July!!!  Alex's b-day & the 4th of July in July!!!  A few beach trips probably too.  We're only an hour and 20 minutes from the coast and so it's just a day trip for us.  Makes it easier on the wallet.  I had wanted to go camping in April but w/ Bojan and Alyona in casts, I think we'll pass till the fall this year. 

Yana is going strong with track still.  We're going to her home meets in April.  Can't wait to see her in action.  Going to be fun.

Tomorrow is Max's 17th birthday.  I can hardly believe it myself.  More on that tomorrow.  Tomorrow, we also have soccer practice and a game for Nik.  Busy day.  Yet, going to be great.  Cooler weather too so that will be nice. 

Lots going on and lots I'm trying to get done.  I must get Summer's photo album done.  A friend is going to adopt their daughter from there and is taking the photo album for me for the caretakers to see.  Want them to see her for years to come and see that she is happy.  Remember, last memory of her is screaming bloody murder.  In those first few days, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with us.  Now, she cried while I was at the hospital w/ Bojan Irina said and was asking for mom.  That's a good thing though.  But, I want her old orphanage to see how she is doing for sure. 

Got to get to work on a few things.  Brief Manic Monday.  There will be a post on two boys that need hosting coming up so please look for it.  They truly deserve a chance.  They want a family.  Also, have a few pics coming up of my "fashionista" Summer.  Enjoy your week.  Once  I start feeling better, I know we will. 

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