Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Manic Monday

Gee, can't believe it's already Monday.  Tons going on at Chaos Manor as usual but trying to handle it one bit at a time.  Kids are watching Sponge Bob now so they're just sitting there.  I made them come in and veg out.  After they finished math, reading, history, I let them outside.  For quite some time.  They made soccer goals and also went and looked for tadpoles for me as we're studying amphibians.  Doing a science lesson in a few minutes.

Well, started that this morning.  Tons of lists being made around here.  Tons.  It's been a bit overwhelming lately around here.  But, slowly getting it all done.  The house has got to be our main focus.  I will have links up in a few days to the site for the house we'll have to sell.  This one.  Our home.  We are trying  to really organize.  Staging  a home w/ this bunch is just going to be impossible.  It's just the way it goes.  Plus, buying new bedding, accessories and such just isn't happening.  So, using what we've got and hoping for the best.  We're going to paint the dining room this weekend.

Besides the house, got Yana's IEP done.  Next is Max's.  I'm one of these pesty parents who actually cares if they are learning the material.  Could care less about the grade.  Really, you can fluff up any grade.   Anyhow, more on that later. 

Well, it's now Tuesday.  Let me give you an indication of how my night went.  I have yet to determine the highlight of my night last night.  Was it Warren being late, sisters fighting, the lying, poop everywhere, Reni stabbing herself with a crochet needle, or discovering that the boys have been peeing in the neti pot.  URGHH!!!  So, that is why I never finished this last night. 

Today, Warren stayed home as he didn't feel well this morning.  Speech therapist came.  We did home school today but today the kids felt like doing math.  For 2 hours!  No idea why.  I went w/ it though.  We went to the bank and opened Irina her first bank account since she has a job now.  Then, to the post office to send in insurance claims.  Insurance company owes us a few hundred dollars and frankly, I don't want Ramen Noodles at the end of this month if you know what I mean.  We also went to Walmart.  Well, timed it right there.  Scored sweat pants, jackets, pajamas, etc. for the kids.  Better than a yard sale.  Get this...just a $1.  Yep, a buck for brand new items.  And these really were some nice things.  I'll take some pics.  The younger girls were excited b/c they could dress the same.  LOL. 

Made some homemade play dough for Summer today.  Big hit for sure.  Trying to prepare for company this weekend.  Also, may speak at the church some time in the evening this week regarding adoptions and our story.  So many more things going on that I'd love to tell you about but frankly out of time.  Going to eat dinner and then head out for the boys' soccer meetings.  Yana had her first track scrimmage today & can't wait to hear how she did.  going to her first meet but she did not want us there today.  Honored that request. Anyhow, many, many things going on at once at Chaos Manor.  Will write more after we get back from soccer & think I actually have some pics too.  More to come. 

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