Saturday, March 31, 2012

Local places we frequent

I thought it was high time I recognize some of the places we go to locally and tell why we go there and why we chose the people we chose.  As you know, our life is chaotic sometimes at best.  We have to always have people that we deal with that are understanding of our situations that come up, our crazy life, our kids, our finances and a myrid of other reasons.  So, thought I'd share a few people and places that have demonstrated that for us locally.  Figured maybe someone else out there is looking for someone understanding and who knows you may make a connection or go somewhere you haven't tried yet.

Our vet.  I'm sorry but you can NOT get any better than Dr. Marty!  She even comes to your house.  Talk about convenience.  And, she knows her stuff.  We called her on a Friday night a few weeks ago.  A Friday night people.  She answered, talked me down a bit, asked me a few questions, and said that Digby probably has the doggie flu that's going around.  We thought he had something stuck in his throat and we were going to have to take him to the vet ER.  She told us what to do and what to look for in case we did need to take him in.  Sure enough, he was fine a few days later.  Please, if you are local, you must check her out.  Prices are beyond reasonable.  Our awesome vet!

Our farmer.  Yes, we have one farmer we go to for produce.  A few months ago, I asked if I could put in a weekly standing order.  They talked it over and said let's try it.  Gary is awesome and completely understanding when I forget to call and will give me a call.  And the produce?  You can not find any better.  It is delicious!  I was skeptical about corn the other week.  He said just try it.  We got a case.  Best corn.  Ate the entire case.  Nothing like corn in February.  It was brought from out of state but was the same price.  Now in summer, everything comes directly from the farm. We get so much fruit.  Prices are extremely reasonable too.  So, do go check out the farm

We go to yardsales and consignment shops when we can.  There is one consignment shop for kids that we go to often.  Owner is super sweet and very helpful in finding stuff.  My little kids love the clothes there for sure.  There is such variety too.  Very cute clothes.  And prices are fantastic.  Conveniently located at 40/42 area.  I can't find the website but here is the facebook link:  Little Joey's

Car care.  Now, this is very important as it gets you to a job and back.  And, car repair shops can easily rip you off.  That's why we were super duper exciting about going to a place years ago that our neighbor recommended.  Village Auto Repair  in Garner.  40/42 area.  You can't get more honest than them.  They will tell it like it is, not steer you wrong and fix it right the first time.  Last week, Warren took his car in.  Just drops it off and calls him later.  Guy always tells us when it will be ready & will call if it is something other than he said might be wrong w/ it.  We have trusted Village Auto for years and will continue to do so. 

Windshields, glass repair.  Okay, you wouldn't think we'd frequent this but we have 5 boys in this house.  Need I say more??  We call on a local family owned company.  They are prompt, honest, and very nice.  They put up with the kids asking a thousand questions about the process.  And, the gentleman kindly answers them.  Takes his time and explains each step.  Always makes sure we're happy w/ the work done.  We always are.  I love the fact that it is a family company as well.  Try to support local businesses as you can see.  Check out this auto glass company.  They've fixed not only our windshields but also our windows!  Boys and throwing shoes. 

Those are a few of the places that we go to that come to mind off hand.  We go to a lot of medical places but didn't think you'd all want those.  LOL.  All the above places though we have always been treated with respect and so have the kids.  That's important to us.  Price and service is also high on our list.  All those above have shown this.  Many, have gone out of their way to help us.  Having a repairman come to your home late at night to make sure the window is sealed up and safe till we get back from vacation was important.  He didn't have to do that.  But, he did.  It's the little things that matter.  The above local businesses have shown that time and time again and I can't thank them enough for that.  Hope they don't mind me mentioning them.  Locals, check some of them out if you need their services. 

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  1. Thanks for using a local glass company. My family started one in 1968 and it has taken a hit with the bigger companies coming in.