Monday, March 26, 2012

A Little Help for a Friend

As most of you probably realize by now, I don't advocate everyday for any one particular fundraiser.  This is b/c I believe they are ALL important and ALL are trying to get their kids home.  Some do need more help than others and I understand that.  I usually will post only when I know the person or know the person referring them.  Some stories also just stick with you.  This is one of them. 

A friend of mine (for years) wrote me asking me to help another friend of hers.  This friend is single.  Being a single mom is not the easiest.  I have the utmost respect for these mothers who can balance life way better than myself.  I think I'd most likely crawl in a ball  w/ hands in the air if I were to be a single mother.  That's not to sound mean.  On the contrary.  It's b/c I just do not have the ability to do what they do.  They do it ALL!  Amazing really. 

Anyhow, sidetracked.  This mom went to Russia in 2010.  She adopted a little girl named Delaney.  She was medically fragile but has made a full recovery and is doing fantastic thanks to a mother's loving care.  Well, while at the orphanage, she met another little guy.  Him and her daughter were playing together.  She thought nothing of it as she was there for ONE child.  She asked the director if she could advocate for a few of the other children there.  She said absolutely!  They brought in a few that needed families and one was the little boy that was playing w/ her daughter.  As smile she just could not get out of her mind.  This mother wanted to advocate for this little fellow.  He has a heart defect and CP.  He's 6yo.  And of course, a boy.  No easy feat to advocate for.  Yet, something was still tugging at the heart strings.  This was her son.  We all know that feeling.  Or, at least I know I do.  When common sense tells you NO, but your heart says yes, this is your child.  Go for them.  That is just what she is doing.  Going to work on bringing him home. 

I thought I could try to help out by spreading the word of this wonderful woman with a heart full of love.  Please consider making a donation to her adoption of their little fellow.  Bring the family together.  I know this little fellow will more than thrive in this new family.  The donations are tax deductible.  The link is here.  I wish I could share a photo of him but it is against country regulations.  I have 6 kids from Russia and know just how strict they are on this policy.  Please feel free to pass this link on via blogs, facebook, email, what have you.  She just needs a little help from her friends.  Thanks so much.

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