Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home from the hospital

Well, back from Duke Hospital.  That is where both Alyona and Bojan had surgery last night.  Both were scheduled to stay over night w/ adjoining rooms.   I'll give a short account of everything and some pictures.  I am very, very much running on empty.  It started yesterday morning. We left around 8:45am. 

Bojan, trying to be funny.  We didn't have to wait back here long.  Duke gives you a little pager thing just like a restaurant.  LOL.  Yeh, I don't like what's on the menu either! 

This was before the surgery.   She was terrified and rightfully so.  Remember, last time she had surgery it went horribly wrong and she was in pain for weeks and had permanent damage done. 

 Bojan was the regular comedian he always is.  He has no fears about surgery.  None.  No tears so most our focus was on Alyona. Bojan really enjoyed talking with our Pastor who came to see us at the hospital.  I do think it helped him relax a bit too.  Now thanks to Pastor Ed, Bojan wants to sit on an alligator.  don't ask!

 Warren thought my suit was cool.  This is what I had to back to the OR in to walk back there w/ Alyona till she was knocked out.  Very nice of them to let me do that for her.  I walked back to the OR and the ladies were VERY caring.  They told Alyona silly jokes until she was out despite tears running down her face.  Another gentleman was ready to hook up more equipment but the lady stopped his hand (out of sight of Alyona) and waited until she was completely out.  now that shows you how much they care about the kids. 

She had great color after surgery.  Eating a Popsicle and we all thought we were in the clear w/ her.  Umm, nope.  As soon as she was done w/ this, it all came back up.  Nurses then were determining whether we should keep her overnight.  See, Duke reserved rooms for both kids.  However, our goal was to get Alyona home and comfortable if at all able.  And, we were.  Late afternoon.


Bojan stayed overnight of course.  He had no choice.  His pain was managed very well and he & I caught up on lots of tv.  We watched the Smurfs movie and Storage Wars.  Had never seen that.  We kept remarking all night long how quiet it was even though we were in Durham and there was traffic and a train.  Just w/ 12 people living here, there is no quiet time.  Just was different.  Bojan ate really well.  They gave me some of the doctor's lunches.  That was very nice of them for sure.

Neither one of us slept more than maybe 10 minutes at a time.  Air was drier than an airplane.  Nurses kept bringing us drinks.  By middle of the night neither Bojan nor I could swallow.  Crazy.  By morning, we just wanted home.  Warren picked us up about 8am and we went home. 

Sisters.  Reni, carefully holding onto Alyona's hand.  Her cast is up to her shoulder.  Both kids go back in 6 weeks which is awesome. Hoping Bojan will be healed enough for the cast to come off.  They did LOTS of work to his leg.  Even Bojan noticed that his knee is now lined up w/ his foot instead of pointing sideways.  They took out part of his hardware.  Cut his leg bones in half and realigned w/ the foot.  So, Bojan is hurting and will be for a few days. Yes, on pain meds but we all know they do not take care of all the pain.  In addition, nurses are worried about the tight cast.  This has happened to us in the past where we had to go to the ER and get the cast redone.  Right now, watching closely as his toes are already cold and he's complaining  but says they are not numb.  With all his scarring, there is not much room for swelling.  So, told to really watch & monitor the first few days, which we are.  

Overall, as good as can be expected.  I am exhausted.  So is Warren.  Neither of us slept.  I have severe sinus and allergy issues.  We were very thankful a member of our church family provided pizzas for dinner.  One less thing to deal with.  Other kids are doing okay.  Just a long few days for all of us.  I have a lot to discuss and catch up on. For now though, it all has to wait.  Kids come first and getting them onto the road to recovery.  Just wanted to give an update.  We are doing okay and healing.  I'm sure there are errors all over this post.  More tomorrow when I am coherent and awake.


  1. Glad to know the kids are back home after their surgeries. Wishing them speedy recoveries!

  2. What a day! Glad to see the kids home!

  3. Glad they are home and did ok. Catch some rest it is exhausting worrying about them abd then no sleep!