Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy 17th Birthday Max!!!

This week was Max's 17th birthday.  So very, very hard to believe.  He was our first boy.  Came home to us a little over 4 years old, weighing in at 20 lbs.  He wore size 18 month clothes and even those were baggy.  Max has had a passion for drawing since he was little.  Still holds true today.  Has a very mechanical mind.  Can remember just about any line in a movie...drives me insane w/this!  He has a very, very sweet soul.  Always has. Max can fix just about anything.  He used to drive us crazy with his tinkering and taking stuff apart when he was little.  Shoot, they used to let him fix things at his daycare!  Including, an elaborate water feature.  No lie.  They said it was broken anyhow, they thought they'd let Max try.  He fixed it.  Max has done so many amazing things over the years. 

Now, our artist is all grown up.  He's starting to think more of his future which is wonderful.  Max didn't want a party this year or any gifts from us.  So, cash it was. LOL.  With that, he bought his class ring.  Well, with money from a few different sources including some he saved from working and Nana.  But, we couldn't let the day go by without at least a cake and a Happy Birthday song.  We were able to catch a few pics but not many.  He is a teenager still you know. 

Max requested a fudge cake.  I bake.  However, this too was part of my bad, awful week.  So, on the way home from soccer practice, we stopped by the grocery store and bought one of those pre-made deals.  It happens sometimes. 

Are you seriously going to take a picture mom?

Too bad it was blurry.  Alyona is sticking out her tongue. Not sure why.

Max, thinking of his wish.  Cake was tasty.  Very simple day.  Max is a very simple kind of kid and I truly appreciate that.  He never asks for much, willing to help out, and very sweet.  ( I may get yelled at for writing that later you know).  I know many are nervous when their kids are this age.  We're not.  Max has proven over and over to be an outstanding young man in many areas.  Can't wait to see what awaits him the next few years in life.  Love you Max!  Won't call him by his nickname here or he'd really have my head.  LOL.  

More to come tomorrow.  Just realized I'm supposed to write a reference letter for someone.  Yikes!  On it.  Have a great evening. 

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