Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Great Insurance Company?!

We have a wonderful insurance company.  Love it.  We also have a fantastic Vision Insurance company and those are the people I'd like to take the time to thank.  See, we have vision insurance through my husband's work.  It's a privately owned company.  Anyhow, the vision insurance pays for us all to get eye exams yearly and covers the cost of glasses or contacts every 2 years.  For us, this is a lifesaver.  Many w/ eye issues, me included.

Well, a few months back I submitted the claims for the new kids' eye exams at Wally World.  No biggie.  Well, they came back rejected.  Called benefits and asked what was going on.  They got straight on it as did the vision insurance people.  That company is called VSP.  Turns out, we have too many in our family to go on the same account.  So, each time, someone gets bumped off and has to be reloaded in the system.  Well, since they can't redesign the system just for us, they found another way.  And promptly I might add.  They assigned us a special liason to handle our vision claims so no one would ever get dropped off. Lady's name was Amber.  She contacted me right away, gave me her info and how to handle all the claims so there would be no problems whatsoever.  In addition, she never talked mean to me or asked me a dozen questions or anything like that.  She was patient, kind and extremely helpful.  And very prompt!  I was really amazed.  I used to work in the business world (Merill Lynch) and dealt w/ customers all day long.  Amber couldn't have been nicer to us in the way she handled it all.

The other day, we received a box in the mail.  Kids all gather around any time a package is delivered.  LOL.  It is exciting, especially, if you're not expecting one. This package came:

A bunch of goodies from VSP!  Couldn't believe it.  

Stacks of lens cleaning clothes which we use often.  And all those orange things, those are repair kits for glasses!  Those are priceless in this house full of kids who break glasses.

And 2 pair of sunglasses!  That was a super treat.  Nike polarized sunglasses.  Bojan got that pair.  And then Fendi sunglasses.  Yana liked those at first.  Not sure who's taking them now though.  LOL.  May be a fight to claim them.  Girls.  

Anyhow, I just thought it was really cool of an insurance company to take the time to do that for us and work with us w/out issue.  A rarity you find a nice company and I just had to say something about VSP.  Thank you!

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