Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good news/ bad news

Great news really everyone!  No more sick kids!  Wahoo!!!  Summer went to the ophthalmologist today.  NO VISION issues.  did you hear that?!  NO VISION issues whatsoever.  No ONH (like Alyona has). NO SOD. Nothing.  This is fantastic.  These disorders are more frequent in the brain disorder that Summer has.  So, it needed to be checked. 

Somewhat bad news.  Thought we'd be cleared by the endocrinologist.  No so fast.  All labs came back normal except for high sodium levels.  They want a recheck in 3 weeks.  URGHH!!!  Was really wanting an all clear.  But, we'll see.  Maybe it's just a fluke.  If not, we'll have to figure that mystery out next. 

We really need to next work out getting her checked out for parasites.  Pretty certain she has them.  BTW, all my kids came home w/ H-pylori but did not find out for a few years.  Some sooner than others.  I know I should have checked Summer out sooner but you have to decide w/ 3 coming home at once, others that have needs at home, what is more important a doc appointment.  So, got all the MRI's done, neurology done, pediatrician done, endocrinologist done, optometrist done, ophthalmologist done, blood work done and now we'll work on the other.  See how it goes.  We are not doing cardiology even though it was suggested by other parents w/ her disorder.  We feel confident in our team of docs that her heart is just fine.  No signs of murmurs or anything and her activity level is just fine.  I think the last thing we have left is parasite checks. 

Getting there slowly but surely making sure we don't miss anything health wise.  Typically, unless it is something drastic, I don't get my kids checked out for everything under the sun.  With Summer's different brain dx's, came many, many other issues that needed to be checked out.  With Logan, just really concerned about the epilepsy as he was taking meds when he got home.  MRI, EEG and he was weaned off all meds.  He's fine btw.  Healthy.  Allergic to some antibiotics but other than that, very healthy.  He only had blood work done and shots updated.  He had vision checked.  His hearing is fine.  So are the rest of theirs.  Hey, we know how to check all that stuff out now.  I don't even see a smidgen of allergy signs in Logan or Summer but may get them checked out anyhow.  I usually get all my kids checked out for allergies as we are in what seems like the epa center of allergy central.  Alex, myself, Irina and Max have the worst of the allergies in this house.  I'm thinking of rechecking all of us that haven't been in awhile.  It's been years.  Then, take the 3 new ones as well. To me, seems like Reni may be suffering like the rest of us.  We'll see.  Reni is another healthy one. 

Not too much else happening today.  We did history and reading already.  They are working on their math.  Reni did multiplication.  They are using a lapbook to learn.  Well, she put them all in and got only 2 wrong!  That's it!  Now, seeing what Alyona knows.  They are doing 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11's.  Once they learn those, we'll do the easier ones.  0's, 1's, and 2's.  By the end of this year, the 4 of them should know multiplication facts w/ out looking!  This is huge.  Nik is getting regrouping just fine.  I do have to go back and reteach regrouping for the rest of them though.  We can't do science today as I'm out of ink.  However, they were catching lizards, frogs, etc. earlier.  I said what makes it an amphibian? Is a lizard an amphibian?  Why not?  Etc.  They got the questions right!  They are learning.  Key is to go at their pace and not worry about what exactly they're learning but that they are indeed learning. History, they are struggling remembering.  Next year, I will do ALL lapbooks for history.  We're doing a civil war project starting next week.  For April and May we will focus all on geography.  can't wait.  Getting there. 

We have soccer practice tonight for the girls.  Boys will probably tag along.  That's fine.  Weather is gorgeous.  Kids are helping me prep our vegetable garden.  This weekend, we'll fill it up and fix up the house quite a bit more outside.  Only Reni & Alyona have a soccer game & it's just from 10 to 11.  After that, we may head to an old historic mill in Raleigh and see a blacksmith demonstration and have a picnic.  Depends upon how everyone is.  I know next weekend we're doing nothing b/c of the surgeries.  So, wanted to take full advantage of a full weekend of outdoors and sunshine.  Went through Summer's clothes today.  I give what she's outgrown to a neighbor.  It's sad to see it go.  Really is.  She IS my baby girl you know.  Got her, she was in a 3T.  That's just 4 months ago.  She is in a 5 now!  She can fit in 4T's but they are starting to shrink.  LOL.  Time for me to check some math.  Kids still have spelling to do but after that, should be able to play outside some more.  We're washing the van when Max gets home.  Only he can reach the top of it.  Yana's first track meet is today.  I REALLY wanted to go.  Bummed to find out it would cost me $50 to attend the meet.  So, she is in two more home meets. I'll pick one to go to and go to it.  Very excited to hear how it goes today.  I was tempted to go and just hang out by the fence.  I know, that's terrible of me.  Right now though, truly don't have the extra $50 to do it.  April I should.  Personally, I think parents should get in free.  Oh, if I were principal....LOL.  But, I'm not.  I will though video tape next time I go & post.  More to come later including pictures.  I've been slack lately.  How long can I use the "the kids are just home" excuse or the "I've got ten kids now" excuse?  Hoping a little while longer.  It's so beautiful outside. It really is.  Can't wait to get back out there to do some gardening.  Going to get some seeds this weekend.  See what grows.  It's in the 80's btw.  Will be in the 70's next week.  No chance of frost so we're good.  enjoy your day everyone. 

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  1. Happy to hear that Miss Summer has none of the issues you were concerned about! And, that she is growing so well! She is Darling! The H-pylori is not a parasite, but an infection. No poop samples involved with that! They can test her breath or urine and she would just take some antibiotics. But, I'd do the parasite testing soon, as they tend to pass around easily! How is Alyona feeling? I thought it was so sweet that Reni was so concerned about her. It's wonderful that they have each other to grow up with! They will hopefully be BFF's for a lifetime. It'll be interesting to see how Summer fits in with those two when she's a few years older. You just MAY have to adopt a sister that close to her age!! ;D Take care!