Saturday, March 10, 2012

Getting ready

Yesterday was Friday.  After home school academy classes, kids and I came home to get ready to clean up. 

Alex, helping to sweep the living room.  Deal was, the kids swept all the rooms, and I mopped all the rooms.  We also did windows, bathrooms, etc.  With all of us, it typically won't take us too long to clean up.

It really is amazing just how much dirt can pile up in such a short time. I realize that I still have Valentine's Day math up on the door.  Oh well.  Reni is also a helper.  Nik, well, let's just say he's not going to volunteer. It is "forced" labor for Nik.  LOL.  

Reni and Logan helping sweep the stairs.  This drives me nuts as it's an orphanage thing...sweeping the carpet.  I make them vacuum it after but the sweeping is just weird to me.  Guess it all depends upon how you grew up.  We never swept carpet.  

Kids did great with helping clean up and make some things.  They were just about too excited to sleep.  They woke up asking when Nana was coming.  Poor Logan was trying to figure out relationships and who exactly was coming.  I think we translated okay.  

Today is Saturday.  I'll have a separate post on our visit.  Frankly, I"m just dead beat tired tonight.  Allergies are making me lose sleep.  Feel drained.  It was a gorgeous day today, had a good time and will tell all about it tomorrow.  Right now, we all need sleep.  Been a long day.  Enjoy your weekend.  More to come tomorrow. 

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  1. Sweeping carpet is an Eastern European thing, not an orphanage thing. I lived in Romania for a few years and also spent time in Ukraine and Hungary, and people always swept their carpets. I swept my carpet in Romania regularly because I didn't have a vacuum cleaner. I now sweep my stair tread in the U.S. because I find it's the easiest way to get the dog hair up!