Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Church this past Sunday

Okay, those who know us or who may have even seen us in church, know that 1) we are inevitably late no matter when we leave the house and 2) the kids are not dressed in their Sunday best.  My rules for church are you have to look decent.  Nothing skin tight, nothing obnoxious, and no holes or dirt stains on the pants.  Now, you would think that is not so much to ask for 1 day of the week.  Every Sunday though it is the same dog gone thing.  Even if we make them pick it out the night before.  Still never seems to work out.  Don't know what it is about having to look decent one day of the week that kills them.  I will admit it.  Some days I have honestly given up.  One time I did not spot the t-shirt Max was wearing till we got home after lunch.  I said you didn't wear that today, did you?  Yeh, why?  Let's see why.  Other than the fact that it's an ugly looking shirt, maybe it's b/c of the wording "I'm bringing stink back."  Or maybe it's b/c of the picture of a monkey farting.  Really guys?  Please try not to make this family look like some backwards stereotyped redneck.  Please.  Despite my pleas, it seems to happen all the time. 

This past Sunday, I let them get dressed the way they wanted.  I didn't care.  Well, I did but my giving up trumped my sanity at the time.  So, I ended up w/ a hodge podge that day.  Bojan and Max wanted to wear their suits.  No idea why.  Do they have dress shoes for them yet?  No. Below are some before pics.

Ignore the blurriness.  Camera was just in from outside.  Max.  

 Max, showing me his "style."  Don't you just love the sneakers w/ the suit? 

Summer, posing w/ Max.  You'd never know they were going to the same place.  

We had a very nice service and then they had a lunch to help raise money for the missions team.  They are going to Bolivia this year.  They tried to go last year but it didn't quite work out.  The previous year they had gone.  They go to an orphanage over there to serve.  Wonderful ministry work they are doing in my opinion.  Anyhow, we decided to stay for the luncheon.  Spaghetti, salad and dessert.  Can't beat it.  We really had a great time enjoying talking with other people and getting to know new people.  I gave one of the kids my camera and they took pictures.  Here are a few:  

View of some of the kids at lunch.  Bojan and Max decided they needed a hankerchief.  So, they folded a napkin and put it in their pocket.  Creativity at work.  

I can tell Alyona had the camera here.  With her ONH it is very hard for her to see.  But, she tries.  

The boys.  Young men I should say.  Trouble brewing, I can tell.  You never know what these two will come up with or what they'll say.  

Another distorted view.

No idea what Summer was thinking about but she looks so deep in thought.

Now, this child can eat.  It's rather embarrassing just how much he can eat.  It doesn't show but boy he loves food.  True teenager.  Eat and no idea where it goes.  

While there, we got to visit w/ a missions team here for Habitat for Humanity.  They were from Westminster College and just very nice and welcoming.  Wonderful to talk w/ them.  They talked to us at length about adoptions and things of that nature.  We may get to go back & talk with some of them later this week.  They even put me in touch w/ some folks back at the college that are interested in possibly doing an adoption documentary.  Now that would be interesting.  Always nice to help spread the word about the kids needing homes.  

After chatting we needed to head out.  Irina volunteered to stay and help in the kitchen.  Max wanted to stay.  Why?  Because of this:

The Last Supper.  He saw it hanging in the cafeteria part and started to draw it.

And Max is one of these artists that does not like to stop mid-work.  So, he too stayed after and finished drawing it. I found it interesting b/c he typically is more mechanical in his drawings and architechtural items.  Usually, Max does not draw people.  Usually.  Neat to see his art work expand.  He left it at the church.  I'll have to take a picture once I see it.  I was bummed that I didn't get to see it!  Can't you just picture him in a design firm??  

More to come.  Playing catch up.  Lots of medical stuff going on next week.  Getting things lined up. Endocrinologist, ENT, and ophthalmologist.  Recess is over so back to work. Kids enjoyed meeting their teams last night but really just want to play ball.  First practice is next Tuesday.  We're ready! 

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