Monday, March 12, 2012

Bulgarian Reunion!!!!

2012 Invitation: Bulgarian Adoptive Families Reunion

WHO: Families who have adopted, are submitted and waiting to adopt, or considering a Bulgarian adoption.

WHEN: June 22-24, 2012

WHERE: Winton Woods near Cincinnati, OH.

Bulgarian Cultural Activities
Arts and Crafts
Water Activities
Families sharing their adoption experiences
Kids connecting to their heritage

Because we have adopted, are considering adoption, or are waiting to adopt an orphan from Bulgaria.
Because we will all have adoption experiences to share.
Because it will be wonderful to meet and share stories
Because it will let our little Bulgarians/Americans hang out and understand that they are not alone in their journey and assimilation into American culture.
Because we plan to incorporate Bulgarian culture to keep our children's heritage alive.
Because the siblings of our Bulgarian children need to hang out and share their own stories about the adoption of their Bulgarian brother(s)/sister(s).
Because it is a great excuse to get away and to just have a... great time!

We had a wonderful turn out last year and already have several new families that have reserved for this year's event. Please visit the Reunion Blog for more information or send me an e-amil from this site: please remember to "Follow" the blog and keep up to date on the event planning!

Thank you!

Yvonne and Viviane


  1. We can't wait!! 3 more months to go!! I need a dstraction from the waiting for our son to come home :)

  2. Thanks Stephanie!! Can't wait to meet you guys this summer!! What a grand adventure for all of our kiddos! :)

  3. This is about 20 minutes from me! If you head this way, that would be awesome!

  4. Thanks, Stephanie.

    Craig and I cannot wait to hug "our other Bulgarian kids" again. I swear to you, Craig wants to adopt an older child now after meeting your awesome Bulgarian blessings during that week in Sofia.