Friday, March 2, 2012

Blast from the past!

Yep, time for that segment again.  Man, interesting to look at old pictures and see just how much the kids have grown and what we were doing at that time. 

this was back in 2006.  Bojan had finished up w/ one of his clubfoot surgeries.  Yep, getting ready to do it all again in a few short weeks.  He's had others since this one back in '06.  I really have lost count and so did he.  

Alex was on a horse.  We were experimenting w/ therapeutic riding.  LOVED it!  However, it would have cost us over $800 a month to have them go and we just could not swing that at the time.  5 of them could have gone.  Sometimes there are things I wish insurance would pay for.   Oh, this was 2006 as well. 

This is the same year Warren took the girls out & I took the boys.  Oy!  Never again.  Monster Truck show is what I decided on.  Umm, nope.  Waste of money.  We had to leave as soon as the show started.  They could not handle the noise whatsoever.  We met up w/ Warren instead and all went out to dinner.  You have to remember, they were younger back then and couldn't handle all that noise and sensory input.  Live and learn.

 Our beloved Bear.  Oh how we miss him so.  This was in 2010.

Yana had to do that egg project in middle school.  Carry the baby egg around.  I guess she was trying to suffocate hers.  

March 2010.  This was Max and Alex goofing off and getting ready for Alex's upcoming EEG.  Max was trying to help Alex feel more at ease.  

This was in 2010 as well.  Nik and Irina taking a break between Upwards Basketball games.  Such a difference in Irina.  CPS had no idea what they did to our daughter last year.  None.  I'm still outraged!  I'm sure you all can see the difference in her.  And that is only a year's difference from last year.  Crazy.  

Daddy lifting Nik up to his boat picture.  It was the showcase of stars art show and his work was selected for his grade.  Love it!  This was last year, 2011.  So many changes last year for our kids.  So many.  Both good and bad.  We learned to appreciate the good things life had to offer during such a dark time.  

Hope you all enjoyed looking at some old pictures today as much as I did.  Have a wonderful weekend.  I intend to catch up.  Yep, that seems to be a theme with me that just doesn't seem to happen. 

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