Saturday, March 3, 2012

Are we tired yet??

Are we tired yet of fixing up the house or getting medical appointments done?  Tell me what you think:

 Maybe CSI needs to investigate this little one.  Barbie near hand.  Zonked out cold.  She was so sound asleep, I just didn't have the heart to wake her.

Nik wasn't too far from her.  

We've had really long days here lately.  Just trying to fit everything in and get stuff done.  I'm hoping to break this cycle this coming week.  Doesn't help though that they go to bed and then want to stay up and chit chat.  And, we've tried staggering them to bed but the first one just waits for the next one and so on.  Tried punishment chores but then they go and laugh the whole time.  URGHH!!!  

We did a lot of running around today.  Irina and Yana worked today.  Max and Bojan worked the church concession stand for Upwards.  The rest of us did some boring things.  Like going to TJMaxx to try to "stage" our house.  You know, to make it look like someone more sophisticated lives here and not people w/ 10 kids.  Trust me, we don't readily keep breakables around.  Went to Staples.  We had another free $20 from the rewards program.  Every time you return ink cartridges, you get credit.  Other errands but nothing exciting, that's for sure.  

Bojan, Irina and Yana are sleeping elsewhere this evening.  Wahoo!  down 3 kids.  LOL.  Bummer it feels the same w/ 7 as it does w/ 10... loud.  Tomorrow is church and more cleaning up at home.  Warren hurt his ankle somehow, some way.  So, he's taking it easy this evening.  We will be chipping away at more paperwork tonight.  Never ending, is it?  

I'm just thankful for a non eventful evening.  Hope it continues.  Going to continue catching up on those emails. 

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