Monday, February 27, 2012

You can help the kids of Pleven!

I know I haven't spoken a lot about Summer and where she started out.  That is because recently there has been a lot going on with the orphanage she started out in.  See, Summer started out in the Pleven orphanage.  Yes, the one that has had lots of notice lately due to malnourished children and some other things going on.  Summer spent the first two and a half years of her life there. So this place is near and dear to my heart.  Not only that, the little girl that started it all, Katie, I got to see in person when we were bringing our three home.  They were there at the same time.  I will tell you firsthand, it is even more real in person than a photo.  The before picture and the after are stunning.  Just stunning.  Does not even look like the same child we saw that day in the police station.  The child is miraculous indeed.  So, to know there are others in that same condition that can be helped right now, we must do something.  There is a friend of mine that wrote a post.  I've shared it on facebook and will share the link here as well.  I"ve already had people ask me on facebook privately if this is legit and trustworthy.  It is.  I have known Shelley for years mostly via computer though I promise you she's real.  We've spoken on the phone in the past.  She also adopted from Serbia, where Bojan is from.  So yes, I whole-heartedly trust her and this effort.  In addition, the MOJ is aware this is happening and that funds are being raised to help these children.  Many have asked if they can do something for the ones left behind.  Here is your chance!  I've seen how it can make a difference.  A true impact on human life.  Here is the link.  Please pass this website around.  These kids really do need our help.  My daughter is home safe and sound.  Please help these kids survive till their parents can come and get them.  In addition, the 240 kids that are still there, still needing the nutrition that is vital for them to live.  Thanks for taking the time to help the kids of Pleven left behind.  I also would like to just say that what is going on in this particular orphanage is NOT the norm in Bulgaria.  I do not want people to think that this type of thing happens everywhere.  It does not.  I've spoken numerous times about the orphanage in Shumen and how they "got it right" in regards to explaining adoption to the kids and having kids that respect yet do not fear the adults in charge.  They took them places.  They were not sheltered, etc.  I think in time, the orphanage where Summer first started out can get to a point where it can run on its own without outside interventions.  That's just my opinion mind you.  I just know that I do not want people to think that this is how all the kids are treated in Bulgaria.  They are not.  Look at most blogs of folks that are home and you will see they were well cared for.  Well, for an orphanage.  An orphanage is still not the same as a family.  I'm talking being fed, needs met, etc.  But, this one orphanage in Bulgaria does need our help.  My 5yo that is running around the room downstairs had her start in life there.  I can help but think of the ones left behind that are not running around right now smiling.  Please help their smiles come back.  Thanks for reading.

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