Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is it like w/ boys in the house??

Thought I'd take a short clip of what it is like at any given time to have boys in the house here.  Not sure how you'll react to this.  Not even sure I want to show it given the state of the loft area at the time this was taken.  When I say it's a disaster, it's beyond a disaster.  It was supposed to be cleaned up.  You'll see how far they got on it.  Here, take a look at 3 of our boys at Chaos Manor.

Since the other kids were showing off their singing skills and Nik obviously can't sing, he wanted to show off his break dancing skills.  Something Logan has taught him since coming home.  Nik is rather flexible as you'll see.  Max and Bojan and goofing around.  Not sure who's toothbrushes those are that they found.  Yet my 10 had no cavities last visit.  Go figure.  Oh, at the end Nik says bye.  I 9.  Sleep.  Night.  they were up way past bed time last night. 

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  1. I had to burst out laughing! Did you ever think you would grow up to have to say, "Don't you dare throw him over that balcony!" ROFL!!!! The things that we say that seem so normal.