Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bulgarian Reunion

Well, now that we are home from Bulgaria, it's time to start thinking about keeping them connected to their culture.  What better way than a Bulgarian Reunion!  I honestly can say I can barely stand the wait to go.  Meeting other families that have adopted or are in process or who are considering it will be fantastic.  We are all meeting out in a campground in Ohio.  Oh yes, we are taking a road trip folks!  All the way to Ohio and back.  We do this too for Irina and Max.  We don't go every year but we have gone many times for the Orenburg Reunion.  It is the region in Russia that they are from.  It's a great time to connect w/ other families and for the kids to meet others like them.  Swap stories at times.  I am looking forward to the same thing with the Bulgarian Reunion.  It will be so very nice to finally put a face to some of the cyber emails.  And to see in person just how much the kids have changed.  It will be wonderful!

We weren't able to get the deluxe cabins which kind of stinks as when you have kids w/ urological issues, trekking down the campground trail at night to the bathroom is no fun.  Trust me, done it before.  LOL.  But, not bad either.  Worth it to get to see everyone.  We are in the cabins which do have air conditioning so I feel spoiled already.  There is so much to do at this campground.  My kids were oohing and ahhing over it.  The committee also has activities planned throughout the weekend as well.  I know we will all have a blast.  Please consider joining us.  I believe last count I heard was 14 families & quite a few more considering going. I have been to these types of reunions in the past and we've always walked away w/ new friendships and a sense of camaraderie.  The kids have never been disappointed.  I know they won't be disappointed this year either.  It is our first big vacation as a family of 12.  Can't wait to meet some of you out in cyberspace.  Also, really can't wait to see my friend Viviane again.  We spent our second trip together and her kids are just too adorable for words.  I know some of you may be hesitant as maybe your kids aren't quite home yet or you're between trips.  No problems.  This is also a great opportunity if you are considering adopting from Bulgaria.  Hands on experience is always the best.

For more info, go to this blog.  I really do hope to meet many of you & all the kiddos in just a few short months.  Hard to believe that last year at reunion time I was in Bulgaria on trip one.  Time has flown by.  See you all in Ohio!

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