Friday, February 10, 2012

A Sweet Surprise

Today is Friday.  Thank goodness.  This morning for school (the academy classes we go to), I didn't think we'd make it.  I swear, if these children were to have to get ready for battle, they'd all die.  I just don't get it some mornings.  Do you have your water?  Do you have your pencil?  Do you have your snack?  Do you have your shoes?(yes, you MUST ask that one).  We get in the car, and half don't have a water bottle, all don't have a snack, and only 2 have pencils.  Ridiculous!  We trudge on though and arrive late.  Kids traded Valentine's today which was nice.  There was a skating party after but I wasn't up for it and after this week's behavior, well, that just sealed the deal of not going.  Been a week.  Full moon week.  I digress though.

Warren had off yesterday and we got many, many appointments and errands done.  Was great to catch up on some things.  Wished we'd caught up on more but we'll take half a list better than no list done.  Even got to take the kids out to eat.  Another post on that one.  Lots of boring life stuff.  We have very, very big decisions that need to be made regarding quite a few of our kids.  Guardianship, employment (for them;Warren's fine), house, schooling and so much more.  Our focus has been on that and not the blog.  I think there are some med changes that must be done soon.  One child is "out of whack" as we call it here.  For those that have kids w/ behavioral/ mental challenges, you must go through this every once in awhile.  Especially, when they grow.  It's involved.  I will explain that as I know others deal w/ meds as well.  Not as scary as it sounds.  I"m really sidetracked here.  Bottom line, lots going on here at Chaos Manor.  Lots.  I'll probably catch up on some blog items this weekend. 

for now, going to share a very, very wonderful surprise I got today.  Not expecting it at all.  Made it that much sweeter.  I received a box in the mail:

A box just for me!  Couldn't believe it.  The kids crowded around like it was Christmas time.  

So beautifully wrapped, you almost didn't want to open it.  You noticed I said almost, right?  You know these were going to be opened.

 This was inside one of the boxes.  My favorite....strawberries.  I had never had chocolate dipped anything before so this was indeed a treat.  A real treat.  As Warren's strict instructions were do not share.  The kids did not like that idea but truly, would have been hard to share 6 strawberries. 

These three were in the other box.  Cheesecake.  Now, these I almost have to share as I'd feel guilty not.  In addition, I'd probably gain the weight of the cheesecakes at the least.  LOL.  

I couldn't believe Warren gave me an early Valentine's Day present.  Such a sweet surprise from such a super sweet guy.  Made such a hard week so much better.   Love him.  

More to come this weekend.  Lots of pictures still to share.  I am so far behind.  Hey, it's life.  And, since I don't get paid to blog, it must take a back seat at times. I'll have a catch up post shortly on what all has been happening at Chaos Manor.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone. 

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