Monday, February 6, 2012

Star gazing

The other day we were studying winter and winter stars.  Which ones are the brightest during winter and why.  So, that night, we decided to see what we could see from our telescope. 

 Dad getting ready to set the telescope for them to see out of.  I know, one day I'll have a picture where all my kids have all their clothes on.  Hey, for once, all the boys have shirts on.  There's progress.

Max, checking out the adjustments.  And, Digby has to see what's going on. He hates to be alone.  What a great dog.  

Don't you just love that look Summer's giving?  

All the kids had a good time trying to find stars and looking at the surface of the moon.  Would love to be able to take them to the planetarium here one day.  More to post but Castle is on and we have got to get some organizing done for sure.  And bill paying.  You know, the boring stuff to do that you have to get done.  Alyona gets her eyes checked out tomorrow.  Keeping fingers crossed. 

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