Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Soccer tryouts

Last Saturday, we went to Upwards Soccer tryouts for the 6 younger kids.  We played here for the first time in the fall and absolutely LOVED it!  Kids had a great time, people were wonderful, atmosphere was fantastic and I could go on and on.  Suffice it to say, we decided to do it again this year.  So, thought I'd share some pics from some of my soccer superstars this past weekend. 

 Alex, practicing some skills and drills.  He loves soccer.  Loves it. 

Nik, showing how fast he can run.  

 Logan, showing us his soccer skills.  He and Alex have been practicing..a lot.

Reni, taking the ball down the field.  All smiles.  

 Nik, making a goal.

Okay, so Alyona is not so much our athletic one of the bunch.  LOL.  She has fun.

And, she loves to pose for the camera.  She's my girlie girl for sure.

Logan.  You think he'll make it in American soccer??  He needs some cleats.  Alex snatched Logan's.  What a worm.  LOL.  Brothers.  I know we have more cleats.  Just have to see if they're the right size.  

 Look at Little Bit go!  Who says we need PT?!  Who says those skills are that of a 2yo?  Not me.  Not by a long shot!  Soccer will help Summer immensely w/ gross motor skills.  Did you know she did not even fall one time?!  BTW, this is the best coach ever!  He is so fantastic w/ all the kids.  My kids love coach Chris.  If you ever met him in person, you'd know why.  He has more patience working with all these kids then I can muster in a year.  Umm, this would be why he's coaching and not me.  LOL. 

 Tell me she's just not the cutest thing ever!  Got to love the jeans falling off of her.  

Just look at Summer go.

This game will give Reni the confidence she needs again.  She's made great strides since home in America but still has a little ways to go. I think Upwards Soccer is the answer for her.  Self-esteem and confidence booster for sure.  Not to mention F-U-N as all get out!  

Kids can't wait to start.  First week of March is when it starts here.  Wahoo!!!  And, we'll be practicing 2 days a week w/ games on Saturdays.  More to come tomorrow.  Got to go finish finding tax receipts now. 

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