Monday, February 27, 2012

She's got style!

Our little Summer loves to be quite the fashionista.  This child could shop all day if you let her.  Her favorite thing of all time?  A pair of white cowboy boots.  I picked them up at a yardsale for 50 cents.  The child doesn't even touch the brand new pair of sneakers I bought at the store.  URGHH!!!  Summer has a thing for boots.  She has light up boots, cowboy boots, snow boots, rainboots(cows), and fashion boots.  She'll wear boots with everything before anything else goes on her feet. 

This is Summer styling in her cowboy boots.  Got to love a Summer time dress in February.  

A close up of her beloved boots.  Yes, I know they're on the wrong feet but we really are trying to get her to learn to dress herself.  Wrong feet and all.  Boots are a little big but she does not care.  My baby girl and her cowboy boots.  

Wow, 3rd post thus far.  Kids were so excited about learning more multiplication facts that I let them.  I told them we must double up on science tomorrow.  We did double history today b/c they wanted to.  Science is a promise tomorrow for sure.  Everything else they're doing though.  More posts to come for sure.  Shoot, I'm on a roll!  LOL. 

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