Friday, February 24, 2012

Recap of the week

As usual, Chaos Manor has been hopping this week.  Big thing was going to Duke and finding out Bojan and Alyona will indeed be getting surgery.  Some have asked why Duke wasn't going to amputate despite it being Bojan's desire.  As you all know, amputation is usually a last resort.  This doc seems to think he can fix the problem w/ Bojan's foot.  He said he will indeed be able to fix the pain b/c the pain in his foot is coming from where he old hardware is & not put in there quite right.  Bojan knows this is a long surgery and recovery will be tough.  He's ready for it though.  Nothing like selling a house w/ a make shift bed in the dining room, right?  Bojan has always been great with surgeries and we expect no different this time.  He's ready to walk right again and I'm hoping this will be the surgery that allows him to do that.  There is no question in my mind if this doesn't work, it will be amputated next go around.  But, they are confident this will do the trick.  For Bojan's sake, I hope so. 

Alyona's will be a quick removal of her plates and hardware that is in her arm.  Her problem is she is a very slow healer.  Duke has still not called us to schedule surgeries.  It is day 4.  On day 7, I'll call w/ a gentle reminder.  Though one of the best hospitals in the nation, our experience w/ them either calling you back or calling to schedule anything is a hair better than crappy.  Keep you posted on scheduling.

Nik's glasses were supposed to be in.  They did not pass inspection in the lab.  So, back to square one to be made again.  They may be in by tomorrow.  I stress may.  Can't wait to see if he'll keep this pair on.  His optometrist actually called me today.  He said are you sure they are giving the Ushers dx.  I said no.  That has turned around to a no which is awesome, awesome, awesome.  He said good b/c I was going to question that one.  This is a wonderful, wonderful man that checks up on his patients!  Imagine that.  Also, he lives down the street from us.  He has invited Max to work this spring with him on stain glass.  Now that will be fantastic and can't wait to see what they do.

We missed the FAS support group.  Too many appointments that day.  Nik's was the last one that day. 

Summer and Alyona.  Alyona is doing her math while on the way to an appointment for Nik.  Hey, utilize time when you can.  Some school days it seems like nothing is accomplished and others, they'll do 20 pages of math!  Don't get it.  I'd love to even it out but if it's working for them, I shouldn't rock the boat.

Alex, reading Pirates.  Alex and Logan looking at magazines while we wait for Nik to get called back for his new head pieces.  Explained that he is very active.  However, we both agreed the magnets in the new pieces should be enough.  Umm, nope.  Got home, on the pogo stick and off they flew.  Need to call.  Thankfully, they let me keep the old head pieces so that's what he's using.  

Summer and Alyona occupying their time.  Summer went back w/ Nik b/c Nik asked her to. The rest stayed in the waiting area w/ Dad.  He eventually had to take them outside and to the van when they got too loud.  

Nik's appointment was fine.  Neptune's cost $8K per ear.  I still need the chance to call AB and find out if they'll do trade ins and if so, for how much.  Maybe we can fund raise the difference or something.  We'll see.  Looking into it all.  

We've been working on the house.  Lots to do and running out of time b/c we need to list it NOW.  Doing the best we can.  We'll get there.  Slowly but surely.

My parents are coming on March 10th for a visit.  Kids are bummed b/c it is only one day.  They haven't met the newest additions yet so that will be interesting.  Kids don't have any games or meets that day so we lucked out.  And God knows Duke won't schedule surgery that soon.  LOL.  Trying to figure out what to do since it is only a day visit.  

We are trying to plan for all that is coming up in the next few months.  Lots happening and IF we get to sell the house, they'll be even more happening.  Track meets start March 6th.  Soccer starts March 5th.  7 in sports, 1 in band, 1 working.  Going to also be getting back to church.  Seems like we took a hiatus to adjust but think we're okay to get back into the swing of things.  

Church is going to do a lock-in tomorrow.  ALL 10 of my kids are going.  Did you hear that?!  ALL TEN!!!  A rarity in itself.  I am so excited.  Would love to have gone out to dinner or see a movie or something but trying to repair everything, just can't happen.  However, a nice quiet dinner is a treat at home as we never have anything quiet.  LOL.  Kids are also looking forward to hanging out with friends.  Very grateful for the opportunity.  

Yana is fundraising for track.  Well, yesterday we were all searching b/c she lost all the checks and cash.  Irina found them thankfully.  This is why in the past I've never let my kids fund raise.  See, last week, she took her purse to school.  In it, gift cards she received for doing a research study.  Stolen at school.  I have told all my kids take NOTHING whatsoever of value to school.  People steal.  Just a fact where they go.  Sure enough stolen.  It's gone. Yana isn't too happy as those were gift cards to Target and we can always use those.  It's a tough life lesson, especially after working hard. I feel bad about it but in the same token, I've said over and over don't take anything to school.  

We're ready for spring.  We're already doing spring cleaning.  Love it.  More to come in the next few posts.  Playing catch up as usual.  I'm slowly getting to emails folks.  One day, I'll say I caught up.  But not today.  

Oh, I started cardio workouts this week and have kept up w /them!  Feel great about doing them.  One of mine said "you can do it mom!"  Another said "looks like you haven't done this for awhile mom."  I get the gamete of words, don't I?  

Pulled Irina from school today and we have a job lined up for her already.  She is excited.  I am too.  This is a new chapter in her life and I think it will do her some good.  In addition, she can volunteer at the church as well if she's not working.  

More going on but too much to write.  If you made it to the end of this, I'm impressed.  Have a great night.  Need to go make some pizza for everyone.  Discovered mozzarella cheese in the freezer so told the kids it's pizza time.  Only need dough.  Yum.  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. 

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