Sunday, February 12, 2012

Random pictures

I have a few pictures that are just laying around.  So, thought it was high time to post a few of them.  Enjoy. 

I help a class in homeschool academy.   That class is Summer's.  The other day we made hearts w/ tissue paper flowers for Valentine's Day.  Had my camera so decided to take pictures of all the kids and email to their parents.  Umm, dummy me forgot to get the emails last week for the surprise.  Oh well, it will be a belated surprise.  This is one of Summer.  Proud of her heart and flower.

 My girl and her smile.  She already needs her hair cut again. 

Bojan, remind me again how you practice your trumpet while on the phone.  

 Don't know why the pics wouldn't separate.  Top is Alyona very proud that she can now ride a big bike.  Bottom  is our Digby. He loves to watch the kids play.  Yet is smart enough to stay away from the soccer ball.  

Alex, waiting for Reni to kick the ball to him.  I have about given up on grass ever growing here again.  

 Reni, ready to show off some of her skills.  Really need to put new soccer balls on our wish list.  They go through soccer balls like crazy because they literally play with them every single day.  It's nuts!  but, pays off when they play ball.

Logan, riding a bike.  Love the jacket w/ shorts?  I promise you my kids do own winter clothing.  Thankfully, we live in the south.  Otherwise, I don't think they'd make it all winter long.  Hey, they get mad b/c I take the flip flops away.  

Nik and Summer love this thing.  It's a pedal car.  Nik wishes it were a go cart.

Summer, Reni, Alyona and a "little" playing on the hammock yet again.  Why kids get so much pleasure out of falling on their faces, I'll never know.  But they do it over and over again.  Laughing harder each and every time.  

Nik...caught in the act.  He took Max's mp-3 player.  Max was not happy.  Nik's broke and he really does miss his...a lot.  

Well, that was a random pictures post.  Next post will be about the Bulgarian Reunion.  Hey, I'll probably get to 4 or 5 posts tonight.  Wahoo.  Progress.  Been a long weekend which involved a lot of vomit and NOT from any of my family.  Got to love when kids come to spend the night.  LOL.  It was crazy to say the least. Everyone is so, so tired, all are in bed asleep except for bojan and Max.  And it's only 9:12!  Much more to come.  Lots to say.  Bulgarian Reunion post next.  Hope your weekend was relaxing. 

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