Sunday, February 5, 2012

Penguin project

Got a bunch to say but working on a few other things at the moment.  So, for now just a few pictures of our penguin project.  I like the craft ideas we get from Kaboose.  Just gives us something extra to add to homeschool stuff.  Since we are doing a unit study on winter, decided to make the penguins. 

Nik and Summer working on their penguins.  

While I help Nik and Summer, Reni and Alyona were supposed to be working on some workbooks they have.  Yeh, not much happening there.  

Alex and Logan were actually working on their workbooks.  

 Nik, pretty proud of his penguin as he should be.

 I think she is pleased as punch w/ hers.  My kids liked this so much, we did it w/ our class at homeschool academy this past Friday.

Summer and Nik comparing penguins.

Older kids obviously could do more of it on their own.  While they did this, they learned about penguins.  I was actually shocked that Alex remembered many of the facts we discussed.  He is rather visual.  

 Geez, what is w/ that serious look Logan?  Do you love Shrek's swamp in the background?  At least the pool can get blue again.  We can't cover our pool where we're located.  Back yard is kind of a hole for wind the way it's situated. So, the pool cover, metal straps and all, fly up and hit the windows.  Hence, not covered in winter.  Ladder is up and locked and it's drained down a bit but kids call it Shrek's swamp and want nothing to do w/ it in winter anyhow. 

 Alex w/ his penguin.  I think it is time to take down the human body poster.  LOL.

Alyona and Reni working on their penguins.  Wished I had gotten one of their finished projects but batteries died on the camera.  They did great.  

More to come soon.  Been a long weekend but not a bad weekend.  Just long. 

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