Friday, February 10, 2012

Out to lunch

The other day, Warren took off work.  Unfortunately, almost all his vacation days are used on medical appointments or errand running.  This day was no different. Appointment with a CPA in the morning.  We did lots of other little errands as well.  With all this, we decided to do something that is not done often in our house.  Going out to lunch.  It was only the homeschoolers so all kids' menus.  Kids were really excited for the change of lunch menu.  Everyone was being good and it was just good timing for all of us to spend a day out and go to lunch.  We decided to go to Andy's.  Burger place.  Kids ordered their meals and us the same.  All of us got water as usual.  It would be nice to one day go out to eat & get a soda.  However, it just really adds to the cost. 

Alex, getting ready to eat his burger.  They come in these cute little cardboard cars which the kids love to "drive" around later.  That is if they haven't spilled ketchup all over them.  

Summer, getting ready to eat some french fries.  Already, she needs another hair cut.  Growing like a weed this little girl.  

Was great but it was as bright as bright could be w/ the sun.  Nik was squinting quite a bit.  Alex had to move b/c he was starting to over heat.  Logan was complaining how hot it was.  He does this all the time. It's really annoying.  It's only been in the 60's and Logan and Reni are acting like they're in the tropics.  I told them both they will die this summer.  When it actually is over 100 degrees here. I told Logan it gets 100 degrees Fahrenheit here and he didn't believe me.  Yep kid, you're in for a long summer in NC.  

We took two booths up.  Nik is finishing up here.  

 Nothing like cooling them off w/ ice cream. It comes w/ their meals.  Nice treat.  And SO delicious.  So much so, I decided on a scoop.  50 cents.  And worth every penny.  I ended up being full so ate just a few bites and gave Alex the rest of my ice cream.  

I think Alyona's smile says it all about lunch out that day.  Big kids were jealous when they saw where we went to eat.  Can't please everyone you know.  We all really did enjoy ourselves and it was just relaxing to do.  It was a late lunch but a nice one.  After that, went to a consignment shop and was able to get the girls some items and cleats for Logan.  Summer is officially covered for clothing in the spring and summer time.  So are the boys.  All 5.  Granted, we need at least 20 pairs of Summer shoes for everyone here and that will indeed add up in the hundreds.  So, happy that we were given a lot of clothing for all 5 of our boys.  The ones who truly need clothes are 4 of the girls.  As you all know, orphanage kids grow super fast once they arrive home.  You will go through clothes like water for those that don't know.  It's a good sign.  However, a tad expensive sign.  LOL. Seeing what we can do for everyone.  Alyona also finally hit a growth spurt.  I wished I had my camera when her and Reni were trying on clothes.  Alyona felt like a real teenager as she put it in a jean skirt.  It was the cutest thing.  On top of everything, it was buy one get one free.  A real treat.  Reni and Alyona got some really cute things for now.  They need all new summer clothing.  Owner will let me know when it all is put out.  

For our family, we do have to budget.  Basics such as underwear, socks and shoes are bought new. Any other clothing we try to do yard sales or consignment sales. It helps quite a bit.  The girls and I love yard sales.  This will be Reni's first year going w/ us.  I can just imagine.  Summer I will not take.  She'll drag us down.  We love her but she's slower than molasses.  

Just wanted to share our day out a bit more.  Scary movie that they had on is over so I'm going back downstairs.  Yana, Irina, and Max are working most the day tomorrow.  Rest of us are fixing up the house.  Warren and I will write our advertisements for the house.  May even do a website w/ our house on it.  Really can't wait.  Though we love it here, we know it is time to move.  Much more on that in the next few posts. 

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