Thursday, February 16, 2012

Okay, time to catch up

It truly has been a very busy week.  Guess I thought I'd catch up on a few things.  So, here goes nothing.

Medical Front-- Only medical appointment this week was Summer at the Devel. ped. neurologist.  Same one we go to for our kids w/ FASD.  We don't have to go back for another 9 months so that is wonderful.  I am told to most likely expect learning delays and such.  Already knew that part so no surprise.  It is vital we get her to an endocrinologist and pediatric ophthalmologist.  That I know too and do have referrals.  She is not worried about the cardiologist at this time.  So, neither am I.  Kids w/ ACC are at quite a higher risk she told me for hormonal problems and things of that nature.  Anything related to the pituitary she told me.  In addition, she said growth can be effected.  Told me to look out for seizures as well.  Okie dokie.  Will make those appointments tomorrow. I was bragging in the doc office at just how much Summer talks non-stop.  I was so mad that she did not say not one blessed word while in there.  URGHHH!!!  Kids.

Bojan and Alyona will go next week to the ortho at Duke.  Bojan really wants his foot amputated.  At this point, I'm tempted.  It is swollen badly, tons of scar tissue, toes crossed over one another, heal can't touch the ground, extremely painful and can't walk.  He's tired of this.  I would be too at this point.  He's lived like this for years and to be honest, no clubfoot surgery has corrected it.  It will be interesting to hear what they say are options this time.  Alyona may have to get her plates out.  We'll see.  I have more appointments to make for the kids but haven't had the chance yet. Irina needs to go to the ENT to see if she needs another sinus surgery.

Nik's glasses have been ordered.  Just waiting for them to come in.

Paper work front-- Okay, we've reached the limit.  No, seriously, we have.  See, we need to file insurance claims for our vision.  However, their system boots it out b/c all our kids can't be on there at the same time as there are too many of them.  So, we've been assigned a specialist to handle as they put it 'our unique situation.'  Hey, I'm just thrilled we have one person to deal w/ and won't get the run around now.  See, we are owed nearly $700 and it's really needed right now.  Much is coming due such as Camp Cheerio and Upwards Soccer.  Hoping it is sorted out quickly for sure.

Need to get guardianship papers filled out and handed in for Irina.  This is new territory for us so treading lightly.  It was told to me yesterday at neuro to make this a priority.  She said trust me, she needs this.  So, guardianship paperwork is on the docket for this weekend.  Maybe denial is still there a bit?

IEP paperwork.  Need I say more?  Well, I was sick for this week's meetings.  So, need a new date for the three meetings.  Mean time, I have piles of old IEP papers I am currently filing in my IEP binder. I have it separated by sections.  Had my kids been accurately reported on, it would have been known that they did NOT meet those goals.  Sorry, but if you read the stupid book as a group as well as answer questions as a group, how do you know if the individual child is progressing?  This happened to Alex.  I was told last year how great he was doing and what he could read.  I was skeptical.  This year, he's struggling and yelled at me numerous time that they always worked as a group and he never had to know the answers.  Lovely son.  Well, here, you must learn the info so you, yourself, know the answers.  It's a lesson in patience for both of us.  How can you have a child doing 4th grade work (last year) when she can't even read!  I've come to realize it is only important how people look on paper.  This is not in the best interest of the kids.  I am reminded quite a bit that this was the right decision to pull them from school.  Alyona btw is not on a 5th grade level, she is working out of 1st grade books this year.

Birth parent search-- Not sure if we are going to do this but looking into it.  Waiting on costs of it all.  We'll see. My kids are from 3 different regions in Russia and 2 different regions in Bulgaria.  Time will tell.  I'd do the older kids first.  It is more important to them at this point in their lives.  Still all new to me so I am learning as I go.  I know this is a hot topic for some.

The house-- we are in the process still of fixing up the house.  hoping to list soon but trying to first find out a solution for where the lost money will come from.  As most in Americans are aware, houses don't sell for what they used to nowadays and doubtful we can get what we owe on it.  They will not longer allow you to use instant equity to finance in new home purchase or when you build one.  There has to be a way and we are working on finding that way.  Our goals on the house plans are way bigger than just selling.  I will explain in another post very soon. 

Extracurricular activities-- Well, track has started.  As much as I'd like to say I'm thrilled with it ( I am for her) but it is hard when majority of the stuff lies on the parents.  See, when I was in school, I could walk home from my activities.  We lived on base.  Events were there.  Now with track for Yana, she has practice every single day until like the 3rd week in May.  She has meets on Saturdays.  I'm glad that she's doing it but in the same token, after week one, it proves a little on the annoying side.  See, she tells me to pick her up at a certain time and then is late.  Yesterday, by about 15 minutes.  Now, to most that is no big deal.  However, have you ever left a couple of kids alone to run out for something?  did they have FASD? The other day it became clear I'll have to load everyone up & drag them to pick her up.  I'm working on finding a carpool.  I have found one person thus far and may have another.  That would definitely help.  Now, if  I could get her better at giving me proper times.  This was the biggest issue I had w/ cross country.  I honestly just need schedules so I can make sure I fit everyone in.  If you don't tell me till the last minute, I might not be able to make it.  This happened w/ staying out of town last year.  Trying to stay positive b/c it is great that she's doing this.  Just hope it's more organized. 

Now, we have Upwards Soccer starting in March.  Seriously can't wait.  It is fun watching them practice.  We'll have practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Games are on Saturdays and we'll have to coordinate that w/ track meets.  Kids have been practicing soccer like crazy.  We want to go to Yana's track meets that are at home.  So, working on schedules.

Homeschool-- Still homeschooling.  Trying different things here and there.  We'll be completely done w/ history in March.  That way, I'll double up on science stuff.  Kids are working on math.  Reni finally got the carry over concept.  Logan and Alex are rather behind compared to grade level.  Have a multiplication lap book I think I am going to start them on.  visual stuff is what they need right now.  All are still enjoying the homeschool academy classes on Fridays. Nik and I are working on more signs.  Just don't know how I'm going to teach him to read.  Yes, despite them saying last year he could read and write sentences, he can not.  He could read basic sight words in a story but that was about it.  Trying to figure out what is best for each child.  Hard, very hard.  Baby steps.  Baby steps. 

Research Study-- Two of my kids participated in a research study on FASD.  Alyona didn't qualify last minute due to her bad eyes.  Bummer. They did fine and the best part is parents will get eval results and we can use these at schools.  Definite plus.  Over the years, I've had various kids participate in studies. 

Taxes-- taxes are done.  Not as much back as hoped but hey, better than owing!  Had an accountant do it this year and she even checked w/ the IRS on a few of our items so feel we're good to go.  Refund will help paying down the adoption expenses we incurred, Deaf Camp, Upwards Soccer, and repairs to the house.  Wish one year we could be frivolous but we're not those kind of people.  Secretly wish we were at times.  LOL.  Suggestions to new adopting parents, keep a sheet w/ expenses and what it was for.  Helps.  Mailed them off this week.  We have to paper file.  

ESL-- English is coming along.  Summer still speaks gibberish but is clear when you have her repeat words.  Told by neuro expect her speech to be slow.  No biggie.  We'll go at her pace.  Reni is really, really speaking English so much now that she is quickly losing the ability to communicate w/ Logan when he speaks Bulgarian.  He, on the other hand, is still trying to hang onto the Bulgarian.  He'll get there.  Just trying to push him along really.  It's time for him to let go.  That includes the language.  Doesn't help that I have Alex teaching him Neanderthal English.  Alex has major language processing issues.  So it all comes out as me no do this.  Ridiculous!  We're bringing the grammar jar back b/c I can't take it any more.  Grammar jar is putting .10 in for every grammatical error you make.  Okay, when speaking.  Don't look at this blog.  I'd owe a fortune.

Much more is going on than this but wanted to try to give a brief run down.   Been really, really busy here lately.  We'll catch up though.  Buried in paperwork for sure.  Many things need to be sorted out.  Getting there piece by piece.  Need some picture posts soon for sure.  More to come.  Lots of posts started but not finished.  Typical of me lately. 

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