Friday, February 24, 2012

Nine is fine

As history serves me well, age 9 is the age I hate most of all.  There is no rhyme or reason for my disliking of this age so much but it is what it is.  I try.  I do.  But for some reason, every single one of my kids hits this age and they drive me absolutely bonkers. Well, this year, I happen to have 2 nine year olds.  Yikes!  However, these two are telling me that age 9 is just fine. 

Reni and Nik telling me that 9 is just fine.  On this day, her glasses had broken.  They really do make a difference.  Nik is still waiting on his glasses.

Reni, my 9yo girl this year.  Love the kids but just not a fan of the age 9.  I think for me it is that they are slowly entering that pre-teen stage.  Right now, Reni is testing my patience w/ her tattling.  The other day she came to me and I said unless someone is on fire or bleeding, I don't want to hear it.  She huffed and puffed and went on her way.  BTW, she was tattling b/c her brothers were outside.  Got to love the petty stuff.  That's how you know they're true brothers and sisters.  

Much more to come.  Going to do a recap of the week a bit. 

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  1. Oh my Katie is 9 and I thought I was losing my mind. Something is going on with this age I concur as well.