Monday, February 6, 2012

My Hot Shots

 Going through old stuff and forgot I had this from a few weeks ago.  

This past weekend we laid low and fixed up the house a bit more.  It's a process.  Well, needed a big breakfast w/ enough fuel to last a few hours for the amount of work we were about to embark.  So, scrambled eggs and sausage.  Well, no biggie, right?  Except, some of the boys love hot sauce.  At Christmas, Max got a whole set of various hot sauces.  They decided it was time to try them in a different way. 

 The boys fixing up their concoction.  I can only imagine what is going through their minds at this point.  See who can one up, I'm sure.

Bojan, chugging down what?!  

 Maybe the face says it all.  They mixed a combo of the hot sauces together. 

Kids, looking on in amazement.  Sisters, not believing their brothers could do such a thing.  Especially, after Bojan's watery eyes.

Max getting ready to swallow his mixture.

The aftermath of it all.  Just look at that face.  A tad too hot maybe??  It was barbecue, chipolte, habanero, jalapeno, etc.  Shoot, I can't stand one of those let alone five of them.  Boys, just plain crazy.

 Before you all flip out over that glass, I'll explain that one at the end.  BTW, Alex drinks water, milk, anything w/ his pinky out.  Think it's cute.  And yes, that is yet another clutter corner we're working on clearing. 

Ahh, relief, a drink of milk.  He couldn't get this down fast enough.  I have no idea why Alex even did this.  See, Max, Bojan and Nik all LOVE spicy foods and hot stuff.  Nik eats hot sauce on eggs.  Alex, he's our mild kiddo.  Logan, too early to know yet.  

Yana, thinking to herself this is a really, really stupid idea.  

 Oh, Logan is all smiles now.  But just wait. 

This cracks me up.  Max just encouraging him to go, go.  Remember, Max did this so he knows just how hot it is.  I swear, when Logan was finished, it looked like he was crying buckets of tears.  That yellow cup on the table is his.  

 Now, this is my loves hot stuff kind of kid.  He was ready and wanted to be like his big brothers. 

Umm, a little too hot there Nik??

Yes, it burns going down.  All 5 of the boys tried it.  Even Reni tried it.  Her pics for some reason turned out blurry.  She was waving her hand too fast to cool of her mouth.  LOL.  We let the kids goof around.  I know some might not approve and that's alright.  My kids love experimenting.  I feel it no different than when they decide they should see who can chug down the pickle juice....yuck!  There was tons of laughing with this and only the ones who wanted to do it did.

Now, to address what they were using as I'm sure it will come up given some of my kids' dx's.  Yes, that was a shot glass.  Did they know that?  No.  Well, my older teens do.  Shoot, they go to school.  My kids have always called it the little glass.  They used to love putting Hershey syrup in it.  The other use it has is for a small vase for those dandelion flowers/ weeds they pick for me and only have the tops.  Perfect for it.  We do not keep alcohol in this home for obvious reasons.  We must set an example.  Not sure if you all are aware but someone w/ FASD is more likely to become an addict of alcohol.  Why?  If you take one drink, for them, it is the equivalent of 6 drinks.  And goodness, I wish I could think of the source of where exactly that came from.  It is what I tell my kids all the time.  Well, ones who are age appropriate.  Stress the importance of no alcohol whatsoever for them.  Back to why we have a shot glass.  I honestly can't even remember unless it is leftover from wedding gifts or such.  Just know we usually have it for flowers or when the kids think it's cool to drink Hershey milk out of the little cup as they call it.  So, yes, even though it is a shot glass, it is NEVER used that way nor do my kids (except for much older teens) know what that even is.  So, no harm when they got it out.  I know somehow, some way, I would have gotten questions on it so thought I'd do a preemptive response.   

After all the hot shot kids were done, we all went outside and worked really hard for a few hours.  I really was proud of them.  Much more to come.  Had a vocational rehab meeting for Irina today.  Went really well and ready to tell you more.

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