Friday, February 10, 2012

My girl

I can not express in words how much I love Summer.  I really can't.  I love everything about her.  Everything.  Annoying habits and all.  I love the way she wants to give me kisses all the time and hug me till I feel like I may choke.  Just a deep love she has.  I will write all about Summer later.  For now, I wanted to show you my girl and what she did for me. 

 Summer came in the other day to me in the kitchen.  She had flowers in her hand for me.  Biggest smile on her face. She did this all on her own.  Did you hear that?!  All...on...her....own!  She looked so proud.  She went out, picked the flowers and brought them back in.  She then signed cup to me to get water. 

Summer kept showing me the flowers over and over again.  It was just the sweetest thing. I couldn't help smile.  My daughter is showing such great potential.  She is blossoming before our eyes.  I can not wait to see her in a year.  Last year at this time, we were waiting for a travel date.  So very hard to believe she's real.  My daughter is home.  My baby girl is thriving and loving life.  She loves her family.  And we love her.  I wish I had better words to say how we felt about her.  There are no words for such a great love.  She is our baby girl.  I wish everyone could meet her. I really do.  

More to come.  Bojan and Max are watching a horror film.  They can only watch them when the younger ones are in bed.  And, since I don't do scary, this is a perfect time for me to catch up.  And, book campgrounds.  That's right.  Campgrounds.  Headed to Ohio for the Bulgarian reunion!  Then, visiting Kentucky.  Kids are excited.  Tell you more about the Bulgarian reunion and our proposed trip in another post. 


  1. I'll never forget the night we met her and she was still so afraid and just clung to me for those hours while we talked... oh how far this little sweetie has come! She is radiant and we can't wait to see her again and get one of those choking hugs if she remembers us.

  2. Love it!! And LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are joining us this year at the reunion!!!