Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Missing part of her brain??? Oh my!

I guess it's time to share a few things.  Like, why we chose Summer.  One, she was a doll.  First and foremost.  The video of her looked like a lost little child.  Not sure of anything.  Her medicals, well, they truly weren't the best in the world.  And, I'll be honest here.  Since I thought the majority of all the medicals we've received in the past were all off base, I assumed for the most part this one would be too.  Ahh, that's another one of my 3 little rules of adoption:  2)  ALWAYS expect the unexpected.  So true.  So true. 

Looked up agenesis of the corpus callosum and saw something.  Majority of the symptoms are identical to FAS which makes total sense.  Even more sense since of few of the FASers are missing their CC.  Anyhow, knew we could handle it as we have 6 kids w/ FASD.  What's one more w/ a brain disorder??  Seriously though, I didn't think much of it as I assumed she wouldn't have this rare birth defect.  Especially, after the first trip.  I thought her damage was more emotional.  Get to the connection of that later. 

Just in case, take her to neurology.  Well, she is indeed completely missing her corpus callosum.  It is what connects the two hemispheres.  Sends messages from one side to the other. If you are missing it, your right brain can't talk to your left brain.   Your brain has to make new pathways and learn to process things differently.  That's why most of these kids are delayed in many areas.  Their brains have to take time to catch up. 

The most frequent clinical findings in patients with ACC are mental retardation (60%), visual problems (33%), speech delay (29%), seizures (25%), and feeding problems (20%) (Schell-Apacik et al., 2008). All ofit.   There are many great websites and support groups for kids w/ c-ACC.  This site is a great resource for information.  This site  also has a wealth of info.  Links to many, many more sites on this page as well. 

Apparently, these kids benefit quite a bit from therapies early on.  Ahh, we miss the mark again.  Adopting her at age 4.  She is now 5 and doesn't qualify for any early intervention services.  She is not only behind b/c of the c-ACC but also due to being in an orphanage her whole life.  We have tons of ground to cover.  Tons.  But, we are indeed getting there bit by bit.  I'll share more of trials and tribulations in another post.  This post is more about the why of taking a chance.  Most who looked at this medical I'm sure said ooh, missing brain part.  Not us.  We said "ooh, look at that cute little doll!"  You have to see past the medical and get to the personality of the child.  That's just the bottom line.  The before and after of orphanage kids are amazing.  The love of a family can really transform lives!  It truly can.  So, think twice before reviewing that 'scary' medical.  Look at the child.  Take a leap of faith.  NOT saying don't research.  We did.  Know what you can and can't handle and be honest w/ yourselves.  Remember, we turned down the twins before we got these 3.  You have to know what your family dynamics can handle as well.  More experienced parents probably could handle more than new adoptive parents.  I was scared out of my mind w/  my first two!  LOL.  Had I gotten these 3 first, I would most likely not have gone back.  Not kidding.  However, we have the knowledge, the ability and the experience now to deal with many issues that I do not think new parents should take on.  Just my opinion.  Keep that in mind.  Adoption is tough.  Adoption w/ issues is tougher.  Know truly what you can and can't handle. 

Did we know Summer would be missing part of her brain?  Yes and no.  We knew but didn't think much of it.  We've dealt with so much and after meeting this charmer, we knew she was ours.  Now, she's sound asleep.  Spoiled rotten to the core and loving life!  She does not fall any more.  Wobbly still a bit but not by much.  I will do a separate  post on all her accomplishments as they are many!  Today, she counted to 2!  To two!  Clear words and she even understood.  Amazing.  She gives kisses all day long.  I guess what I'm trying to say is take a chance or you may miss the most wonderful thing in the world.  Same with Nik.  Can not ever imagine our lives without Nik in it.  Yet, I checked off 'no' to deaf child b/c I didn't think I could handle that need or didn't know enough about it.  Well after signing to him tonight and him crying, I knew I know plenty for him.  Yes, he was crying.  Why you ask?  Because I told him no, you can't have a rabbit for a pet, you have a guinea pig, fish, and 3 dogs already.  He asked me if we could get one at the new house.  So I do think communication is going okay for a hearing person like me communicating w/ her son.  Yes, learning more slowly.  However, think of this conversation I would have missed w/ my son.  Please take a chance.  Take a leap of faith. 

Had I been scared off, I may have missed this moment the other day.  I can not even imagine.  I really can't.  They are here for a reason.  Most would read the list of these two kids' dx's a mile long and run for the hills.  I guess we run towards the volcano instead.  LOL.  In my opinion, running towards the unknown was totally worth it, don't you think?? 


  1. All of life is a chance. Might as well make a few that matter.

  2. I love this beautiful post Stephanie! Two gorgeous girls!