Monday, February 27, 2012

Manic Monday

Weekend wasn't too eventful thank goodness.  All ten kids stayed at the church for a church lock-in.  It was really hard to get used to the no noise at home.  Poor Warren kept thinking he was hearing noises coming from upstairs.  I actually heard them too.  Think it was just the wind or something.  Crazy.  Was nice to have quiet but I really did miss them.  Went on to the computer and watched them sing real quick.  I haven't posted that one yet.  Just was very strange not having them hear and being able to hear ourselves think or ask questions without interruption.  LOL.  Funny the things you notice when the kids aren't here.  thought it was just very sweet of the church to do that for us.  It was our kids and a couple other families there.  We needed that nice break.

Sunday, we went to church, picked the kids up after service and then home to work on the house a bit more.  Bojan got to go to a birthday party.  So, nothing exciting happening yesterday.  Nice to have "dullness" every once in awhile. 

This week I have a list.  It is literally about 50 items long and that does NOT include the fixing up the house stuff.  Unreal.  But, it will hopefully almost all get done.  We are drowning in some paperwork.  This week, I plan to swim above it.  OKay, so that is the goal.  seriously though, some of this paper work has just got to be done. 

Irina started her new job today!  Well, actually she's worked w/ this lady & company before.  She is very happy about this opportunity and we feel it will help her grow quite a bit of maturity.  She will learn so many new skills and this will be such a broader range of skills versus what she was going to learn at JCI. We are confident the right choice was made on Friday to pull her out of school and homeschool her.  She was only taking one class.  Yes, ONE class...English.  And all they were doing this semester mainly was one big paper.  Geez.  So, figured we can continue w/ that paper and her work counts as her classes.  Remember, she was in the OCS program, not the academic track.  Irina is ready for this next chapter in her life.  We will also get her a bank account and teach her a few things about that. With children with certain dx's, you wait to get them accounts.  We think now she's at a point she can handle one.

I am carpooling for track. It's my turn this week.  Yana is doing great w/ her track fundraiser.  Well, after the losing it fiasco.  But, it was Irina.  So, Yana is more watchful now.  Plus, I don't think she liked that her sister found it where she had already claimed to have looked.  LOL.  Other than that, I don't think there are appointments for this week.  There are for next but I think we actually have a week off.  Well, not off per say but you know what I mean. 

Getting all schedules going. Soccer, track, parents coming, doc appointments, surgeries schedule (ahh, wait, Duke hasn't called yet...Day 7), and a trip to the NC aquarium and such at the end of the month.  Getting there slowly w/ plans for everything.  Keeping busy to say the least.  I have many, many more posts forthcoming.  Like I said, lots happening and not just here at Chaos Manor.  Got to go.  Think kids are almost done w/ their multiplication lap book.  Seriously, never thought something so simple would help them learn the times tables.  But even Alyona is catching on!  She is so proud.  Reni too.  They have almost completely learned the 6's & 7's.  This week, we're starting 8's and 9's.  Next week 10's & 11's.  Can't believe it.  And, we're almost all finished w/ our history book.  We'll finish early...mid-March.  So after ,we'll do two months of geography.  Obviously, my kids get plenty of PE and art.  What I'm ashamed to say I've been slack on is science.  Got to catch up on it.  Our next unit study is amphibians.  We were supposed to start today.  Doing a lap book for that one too since they like and actually pay attention to them.  We'll get there. 

Stay tuned for more to come.  Would like to say a few things about Pleven & what folks can do to help.  This is where Summer was born and spent the first 2.5 years of her life.  Anyhow, more on all that in another post.  For now, need to finish up the 8' & 9's. 

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