Monday, February 13, 2012

Manic Monday

Where did my weekend go?!  Oh wait, I remember.  We were fixing up the house all weekend to put it on the market very, very soon.  The piddly stuff that needs to be done.  Painting trim work, cleaning like it's spring and things of that nature.  Got a lot done but still so much more to do.  will be worth it though.  Irina and Yana worked on Saturday.  Came home and went to the movies w/ a friend.  Came home and then had a friend spend the night as did the younger boys.  No one settled down till like 1:30.  Then, the friend that came over puked her guts out.  Poor thing.  All over the room.  And I mean all over.  It's since been sanitized but we lost a comforter, rug, and a chair in the process.  Hoping none of the rest of us get it.

Rest of the weekend was a blur really.  Just working a bunch.  Making lists.  Today is Monday.  Let's see what is going on this week.  3 of my kids are participating in an FASD research study.  One is at testing now and Warren will bring her home.  It's near his work.  It's a great opportunity we feel.  2 more kids will go tomorrow morning as well.  I have 3 IEP meetings for Max, Irina and Yana on Tuesday morning.  Yana has alive at 25.  Some driver's ed course.  Yet, she doesn't recall the details.  Lovely.  Speech therapy is all week for Nik of course.  Valentine's Day is tomorrow but we really aren't doing anything special.  Summer has a neurology appointment on Wednesday. Tried to get Nik in at the same time as I canceled Logan's.  He doesn't need it.  Nik does.  Now, you would think that they, being competent adults, could do a simplistic schedule change such as this.  Umm, nope.  They can not.  As of now, Nik is not going to neurology and I'm thoroughly disappointed in it.  He needs to be 'officially' dx'd w/ FAS and ADHD.  He will need meds.  I've avoided them for way too long.  I tried to let him 'out grow' the ADHD.  Not happening.  If it will help him achieve success in life, we will do it.  Meds are a hard decision for every parent to make.  Some of our kids have succeeded w/ out the use of meds.  Some have not.  It's a balancing act for sure.

We are fixing up the house this week and hoping to put it on the market some time in the next week or so.  Ready or not, time to sell. Kids have mixed feelings as do we all.  Dogs are doing fine.  Kids are ready to start soccer in March.  Yana has already started track.  It is quite the commitment and I can already see we are going to have issues of pick up.  Hoping I can find another family to carpool w/.  I mean really, having to pick her up and then run over to soccer for the rest of the bunch will be interesting.  It will all work out though, it always does.

I'm having to make all sorts of plans for the next few months.  I have to be careful though as I don't know when surgeries are happening for the kids.  Bojan must have surgery and then Alyona possibly.  Have to wait to see how much she grew but the plates in her arm are bothering her.  Irina will also need some type of sinus surgery.  Would be great if we could get all surgeries done in March.  Time will tell.  Well, actually the doc will tell us.  Nik goes back to doc to get a new headpiece for the implant.  Apparently all AB users but still haven't gotten a reason as to why. His work fine so not sure why.  Nik is desperate for those Neptune implants.  I will be contacting AB in the future and see the exact cost.  Maybe we could do some type of fundraiser for him.  They really would change things for him.  Ideal for his activity level and love for the outdoors and swimming.  So, plans for lots of things.  Deaf camp being one of them in May.  The Bulgarian reunion in June in Ohio.  4th of July here, Alex's b-day on July 5th here, a family reunion here in July.  I think August we will just do day trips to the beach.  We don't live that far for a day trip.  The church has a retreat in August so who knows.  We've never been.  Considered going last year.  Time will tell. 

Lots going on for a Monday.  Now, Warren just came home w/ 6 booklets for us to fill out for this research study.  Got to love it.  Life goes on.  Ever just feel like it was Groundhog Day?  That is my day today.  More picture posts.  Well, if I finish my booklets. 

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