Monday, February 6, 2012

Manic Monday

Been a busy weekend.  I'll have more on that later tonight though.  For now, it's Monday.  This will be short as Irina needs the computer for research today.  Today, we hung around the house and did some home school stuff.  Nothing exciting.  Monday is usually our boring days.  Oh well.  Have to have those every once in awhile.  Irina is having a hard time breathing.  She has asthma so this doesn't help matters.  Will probably take her in this evening to the doc.  She'll need an inhaler but we're out.  Possibly, steroids.  Have to see how rough it is this go around.  Everyone else is fine. 

Normal stuff happens this week such as speech therapy, home school academy classes, etc.  Appoint tomorrow is for Alyona and her eyes.  She has optic nerve hypoplasia.  Goes to a specialist for that just once a year.  Her disorder is not supposed to progress.  However, last year, her eyes got worse. Hoping tomorrow brings no change or better vision.  We'll see tomorrow.  Warren is taking her in the morning.  Wednesday, Warren and I will go to see where Irina will be working and what goes on there.  I'm really hesitant but trying to keep an open mind. It's hard as Irina has already stated how much she hates it there.  She went last year.  Keep you posted.  If it is a situation that will not work out, we are prepared to home school her.  Would love for her to give this another chance though.  Time will tell. 

Thursday is the appointment with the accountant.  She is well versed on adoptions so think it will be a good fit.  Adoption laws are some times complicated.  We did our own taxes for the past 12 or so years.  This time though w/ all the changes going on, thought it a safer bet to use a professional.  Praying we get enough back to help pay off more of this adoption.  Any "extra" would be put toward medical expenses for all the kids.  Well, that and a new roof.  Whether we stay or go, the roof must be replaced. 

This coming weekend,  nothing is scheduled.  For once, no schedules, no places to be. Keeping things open.  Knock on wood, everyone is pretty healthy.  Even the dogs.  Lots of cleaning up around here going on.  Trying to figure out what all is happening this summer.  I know we'll most likely go camping in April, deaf camp in May, Bulgarian Reunion in Ohio in June, Family reunion here in July and quite a few beach trips over the summer (only an hour and 20 minutes away!).  To do some of these things though takes planning.  And, need to get it done.  I am way behind on emails, organizing, etc.  Never did get that family portrait made yet for Christmas.  Can it be a Valentines Day portrait now?  It is becoming higher on my priority list.  Think it's important to have a family picture including everyone when kids come home. 

Need to get some new items around the house.  Trying to make it look not so run down.  It's not run down but you know over time, you tend not to replace things unless you have to.  Old towels, blinds (thanks dogs), carpet runners, etc.  Trying to replace items bit by bit so when we show the house, it doesn't look like a bunch of people live here. LOL.  That and "staging" the house.  Hate that.  Seriously, will it sway a buyer if it looks a certain way??  Didn't for us.  We moved in here, there was hideous striped wall paper in the kitchen, a sea of old green carpet throughout the house, the master was purple, the lighting fixtures were beyond tacky, etc.  Yet, we saw the potential in the home.  I am hoping others can see that in here as well.  We have always put the kids' needs first so repairing or repainting has fallen by the wayside.  Trying to make lists now and take care of that. 

More on what we did this past weekend.  Alyona is learning new things. She made pudding today, sweet tea, and muffins for breakfast tomorrow.  I'm teaching her how to read directions, and doing some basic math for recipes.  She loves it.  I have decided one day a week for basic life skills for her is necessary.  We are trying our best but the hopes that she'll be able to read past a kindergarten/1st grade level are fading.  It's a hard reality to accept but one that needs to be accepted.  I must do things on her level.  No, I haven't given up and will continue to push her as hard as I can, but also, teach more of the things she'll need to do in daily life.  More on that later.  I'm having issues w/ my teens and schooling right now. If I ask you a basic, basic math problem like how many days will these vitamins last for us all if there are 300 in the bottle, you should be able to answer it if you passed math.  I'm saddened as I feel they(the schools) are just passing the kids just to pass them.  If they weren't, they'd be able to answer a basic question like that.  Don't know what we'll do right now.  Their grades are fine but if you can't answer a simple math question, there is something wrong.  Just my opinion.  I'm thinking of giving them each basic test on various items from history to math to English and see what they can do.  Then, hand it over in the next IEP meeting and ask what's going on.  They could provide some entertainment, don't you think? Just thinking out loud today.  Don't mind me.  I'm tired I think. I know I'm tired.  But, need to look forward.  Can't wait for soccer season to start in March for the kids.  When it starts, we will be doing something 5 out of the 7 days.  And though for most people, that's not a big deal, it is for children who have issues transitioning.  Kids are excited about things that are yet to come.  Really excited.  February is the last "easy" month we have.  We had this for January for the most part.  December was busy w/ Christmas and just getting home from Bulgaria and adjusting the family.  Starting in March, we are going to be packed full again until July.  Yet, somehow, looking forward to it all.  Ready to enjoy it.  Ready for spring.  Hasn't felt like winter at all so kind of threw me off. 

Well, time for Irina to use this.  Picture post next from our past weekend.  Have a wonderful week everyone. 

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