Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Homeschooling update

Okay, so we have kicked off a new semester.  Hope to get more accomplished this semester.  Should be able to.  Not many holidays and definitely not a trip to Bulgaria or the addition of new sibs this semester.  So, we should be able to stay better on track and that seems to be the case thus far.  I wrote out a schedule which is helping us too.  The kids still go to home school academy on Fridays which they love.  Opportunity to take some classes and learn things.  Love it.

We are all doing history together and just now entering the civil war era.  This coming week, they will all be learning the Gettysburg Address and we'll attempt to make Abe Lincoln hats.  Anyone has suggestions on that, send them my way.  We're backing this all up w/ documentaries on Netflix.  The America series.  In mid-March we will be completely done w/ history, including a major review from the whole year.  So, I've decided to do an extra little project on the civil war and also for April & May we will study geography.  Also, throwing in a section on the Wright Brothers.  Would love to visit Kitty Hawk but it's four hours from here.  That would make for a long day.  We'll see.

Next, we do science together as well.  We're ironically doing a unit study on winter.  We studied the winter stars this week, learned how snow was made, and quite a few other things.  We're doing experiments to go along w/ these as well.  After this, we're moving onto amphibians.  We're kind of letting science go in its own direction.  Seems to work well w/ the kids. I like the unit studies idea better anyhow.  Our field trip in March will be to the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores.  Not too far a drive from here and very worth it.  Excited about going w/ them and they're excited. 

Art and pe is in each week for sure.  My kids all start soccer next week.  Practice is two days a week and games are on Saturdays.  Not bad.

Math.  My kids are thrilled they are finally getting multiplication.  I mean seriously thrilled that they take the lap book out themselves and practice.  It is wonderful that they are finally accomplishing this and feel really good about it too!  Nik seems to be the only one in the group to get regrouping.  I haven't started him on multiplication yet.  So, he is doing addition and regrouping and getting it!  He's also doing fractions.  Very pleased w/ their math progress.

Reading.  Ahh, you can't have it all I've come to realize.  They struggle.  Greatly.  All mine have major processing issues and the ones that don't aren't fluent in English yet.  Alyona still is on a very basic reading level.  Like kindy/ 1st grade.  Alex can not retain what he reads so we really are struggling w/ this one.  It frustrates him so much.  I am hoping w/ his new found confidence in math, it will slowly transfer over to reading.  We'll see.

We're coming along.  Reni and Logan know the alphabet.  Math Logan really struggles in.  Reni is really progressing but she has tons more English over her brother.  Tons.  I still think this is from those first few weeks where she was absorbing like a sponge and he was refusing to learn anything b/c he said he would find someone here that spoke Bulgarian.  Even now, Reni sometimes will act as a translator for us.  Trouble is, she is forgetting her Bulgarian super duper fast.  She doesn't speak it any more.  If Logan asks her something in Bulgarian, she answers him in English.  And half the time now, she doesn't understand it anymore.  We'll get there for sure.  I was just surprised this time of Reni learning so fast and her brother taking his time.

Summer is of course just mimicking now some words.  She will take quite some time to learn to speak.  Very delayed speech.  Very.  She will most likely need sign as well for quite some time.  And that's okay too.  right now, I'll save a post all about Summer. 

Homeschooling is going okay.  I won't say fantastic, I won't say horrible.  Just okay for now.  Trying things out and seeing what works and what doesn't.  My kids are very visual.  Very.  Try to incorporate things that are visual.  I know they are learning new things.  Sometimes I get frustrated.  Sometimes they get frustrated.  But, I wouldn't change it right now. I think they are in a good place.  As for the social aspect....just fine.  They have neighborhood friends they play with.  They go to a home school academy & interact on Fridays.  Next week soccer starts & they'll be w/ other kids 3 days a week for the next few months.  Then we have church and their friends there.  Socially, I do not worry.  Academically I worry but I was worried even more so before they were homeschooled.  I've learned a ton of how they were schooled at public school.  These last few months have been enlightening to say the least.  Alyona will be taking more of a life skills track.  Alex is on the edge.  I'm pushing him academically.  But he struggles in so many areas w/ processing issues.  Trying to find ways to help him w/ that. 

All in all, doing fine.  We're learning.  We're having fun.  Okay, so not fun every single day.  LOL.  Right now they're all outside playing.  I was SO proud of them today w/ the math they've been soaking up.  Amazing.  Something finally clicked.  History is going well too.  Reading is where they all need work.  ESL kids have learned the alphabet and phonics.  They're reading basic books now.  We're getting there.  Need to go.  We do have science to do.  More posts to come.  Just been really busy these last few days w/ paper work.  Lots of it.


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