Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Grand Plans and why we must move

I have been asked this question quite a bit.  There are many reasons for us moving so thought it was time I laid them out there.  First of all, I'd like to say we really and truly love our current home.  It has served us well.  The home itself isn't all of the issue.

We live in roughly 3100 sq. ft. on an acre.  For the average family, it is fantastic.  For a bit bigger family w/ different needs and circumstances, it is not ideal.  With costs rising, kids not being able to live independently, services not what they should  be, we knew it was time for a change.  We have been contemplating this change for almost 3 years now.   We have been going back and forth for a long time now.  However, it became abundantly clear once the new kids were home, it needed to change around here.

The size of our home is not bad at all.  We have remodeled quite a bit over the years as it started out as 1900 sq. ft.  It has a brand new kitchen.  It used to be our old dining room and kitchen combined.  All new flooring as well.  Over the years, just about everything has been replaced as is the case w/ every house that starts to age.  Nothing wrong w/ the house whatsoever.  In fact, one of the best locations around.  We have the best of both worlds.  Lots of privacy b/c most lots in here are at least an acre surrounded by woods and we live in a subdivision where kids can play w/ friends.  Peaceful, yet 4 minutes to our Urgent Care.  Hey, when you have kids, this matters.  Easy commute for Warren as well.

What comes in to play here is what do we want for us and the kids in the future.  What can we do to possibly help others around us in similar situations?  Well, think we may have an answer or two.  ALL of it however, pends on the sale of this house.  So, what are these grandiose plans we may be dreaming up?  What's been in our minds and in our hearts for years now?  Time to spill the beans and hear the words "you're crazy!" yet one more time.

Once we move, the plan is to inquire enough acreage to build a house.  Our house to fit enough of our kids.  And Warren said just b/c it may have 12 bedrooms does NOT mean we're getting 12 kids.  LOL.  Love how he's always on top of that thought.  In a few years time, we would add on to the property.  Little cottages.  Well, that's what we're calling them.  During that time, we would also be prepping the land for some farming.  Now, what we've noticed over the years is there really isn't all that much for disabled young adults or developmentally delayed young adults despite them having plenty of skills.  We are seeing this with our kids as well.  The best these young adults seem to strive for is working for fast food as it seems to be the only option.  Not saying restaurant business is bad.  Used to run a restaurant years ago as a manager.  It's hard work.  But, most the dd adults end up doing minor jobs at best.  Yet the ones I've met, typically have other talents not being utilized.  Our dream would be to have a place where dd adults can live and work.  Not just working the land but also taking part in selling local produce.  Not only that, there could be an FAS shop.  Fudge & Sweets!  I have one that loves to bake as do others I've seen.  I've met more kids than my own that love to wood work.  They can create local furniture to sell or wooden toys.  Some that love to knit.  Some can do art. The possibilities are endless.  They truly are.  I don't know if we'd be allowed to take on the responsibility of a supervisor or have to hire someone as Warren would still need to work his job.  Like someone checking meds or things of that nature.  These young adults could gather for different social events as well like a cookout or something.  Lots of possibilities for sure.

Now, there is ALOT that would have to go into this.  A lot.  Will it ever come to fruition?  Is this the "plan?"  I have no idea.  I really don't.  These are some thoughts we have been thinking about for years.  What do you do when they get older?  A big question that is coming to light even more so now.  We've been mostly gathering information, looking at if funding would even be possible (umm, nope), and finances of it all.  Is it something we can even do?  Not sure yet.  Just know the only way to find out is to move first.  I think this is something that could benefit many people in the long run.  Time will tell.  For now, it's just an idea, just a thought. 

Either way, we need to sell this house.  Not even sure we can but we're going to give it a good shot for sure.  We've been trying to fix it up on our own but that is difficult at best given our situation.  Some volunteers have talked about the possibility of helping us one weekend which would be incredible.  I do think we could knock out the small stuff over a weekend. 

Now, if for some reason we can't sell the house, we can stay here.  Not a big deal.  We would then move the 3 girls into the garage.  Finish it first of course.  Then, Bojan and Max would move upstairs to the room that the 3 youngest girls are currently in.  Honestly, I'm really hoping we can move b/c I think it is the best option & not only that, but I think we can make a difference.  For now, keeping busy trying to figure out if this is even possible and also getting the house ready to sell.  If you are wondering why I am taking forever to write some of you back, that's your answer.  LOL. 

Well, there you have it.  Those are the hopeful plans.  This is Mission 2012 for us.  Sell the house and build.  Sell the house and build.  Last year, it was adopt 3 dogs, adopt 3 kids.  Gee, what a difference a year makes.  I also know plans change & as soon as you make your own plans, someone has a different set of plans for you.  Shoot, isn't that how we ended up w/ 10 kids?  We made plans.  First ones were to get married & have kids.  That didn't happen. We adopted. Family of 4, both parents working, one boy, one girl.  We were done.  Those were the plans for Pete's sake!  Nope.  Plans changed.  Stay in the house so we can pay it off and live comfortably.  LOL.  House literally fell apart & went in the hole $30K.  Plans changed.  Fix up house & stay.  Nope, plans change.  Move and adopt Yana and Alex all in the same year.  Done for sure.  Wait, just one more.  Plans change.  Bojan came along.  Remodel house to fit everyone and be done w/ adoptions.  Get caught up financially.  Nope, plans change yet again.  Alyona was to come home.  Just one.  Plans change.  Now, add Nik.  No more adopting special needs b/c I think that would be too much to handle.  BTW, specifically asked for no deaf children.  (yes, being honest here & SO happy I was wrong!).  Plans change and end up w/ Nik along w/ Alyona.  Absolutely, positively NO MORE KIDS!  Going to travel more with the kids and save for retirement and things like that.  Nope, plans change.  Added three more kids.  Now, saying we're officially D-O-N-E.  We have plans.  They are good plans we think.  They're our plans.  Question is, will these plans change as well??  Only time will tell.  I swear our blog title should have been Neverending Story instead. 

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  1. So what if the plans change...change keeps life interesting and we love reading about your wonderful adventures. God Bless you having the patience and the love accept all the change with such grace. Keep on keeping on!