Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Demon Barber of Fleet St.

Anyone remember Sweeney Todd??  A play.  I never forgot the music to it nor the people sliding down to become 'meat pies.'   Well, the other day Bojan really needed a haircut and Warren was deadbeat tired.  Max volunteered. 

I think it was pretty brave of Bojan to be quite honest.  I think the funniest part was when Max came to show us and Bojan turned around to show us the back of his head.  A bit lopsided so Warren touched it up a bit.  For his very first time, Max did an awesome job.  At this point though, don't let him give you a shave.  LOL.  Just goes to show you how much trust these two have for each other.

Been a really busy day today.  Much more to chat about but more paperwork to gather.  Must sign papers tomorrow w/ our accountant...taxes.  Summer has a neuro appointment at 10:30.  Warren took half a day tomorrow.  One day the poor guy will actually get a real vacation day not filled w/ medical appointments or something of that nature.  This weekend it is going to be filled w/ fixing up the house a bit more.  Need to list it SOON.  Lots of little things going on here and even more bigger things.  Should be a catch up post probably.   Well, got to go.  Kids get out of school early tomorrow. 

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