Friday, February 3, 2012

Catching up

Wow, no post since Tuesday.  Goes to show you what this week has been like.  Blog is not high on the priority list in the grand scheme of things so when life gets busy, blog takes a backseat.  I'm sure all of you can relate to that one.  Not even doing a Flabulous to Fabulous post this week.  I just made fudge w/ Nik if that gives you any indication of how this week is going.  Hey, Nik had fun.  I take turns making desserts w/ the kids. 

Okay, guess I should catch up on some appointments.  Nik still has bad eyes but they got a little better.  He'll go to pick glasses out this weekend.  Hoping he wears them.  Yana and Bojan's were fine as usual.  Other appointment we had was Reni and the plastic surgeon. This is where she had gotten beaten w/ rocks in her face.  Happened at her old orphanage not the one we picked her up from.  It does not affect function nor does it cause pain.  So, for now, we're letting her grow a little more.  Doc said it is on file what happened and when she starts complaining how it looks (aka the teen years) come back and we'll fix her up.  So, no surgery for Reni for now.  Doc said most likely when she's about 13 or 14 is when she'll have it done.  He said that's a good time.  So, Reni is now healthy.  Has new glasses, doesn't need surgery, is on no meds, speaks English, normal blood work and such, and adjusted just fine.  How on earth was she not adopted before us?!  Still baffles me.  BTW, she's coming out of her shell so much lately, she's driving me crazy.  Remember, those who know me know I hate the age of 9yo.  I'm not sure why but it has been true for all my kids.  Don't know what it is about that age that drives me insane but it does.  Well, Reni is now so comfortable here, she's even started getting a little attitude.  URGHH!!!  But, that's also a very, very good thing. 

Next week, Alyona goes to the eye doc.  Remember, she has ONH(optic nerve hypoplasia).  Takes her awhile at her exams.  My kids are also going to have a neuropsych eval for FAS.  It is part of research.  Teens will be participating.  Always good to gain knowledge.  Other thing we have next week is the JCI appointment for Irina.  I have very mixed feelings about the whole thing.  Warren and I will go in person to check it all out.  With Irina.  It is part of the vocational rehab program she is in. I will have a separate post for that.  Many wonder what will happen to our kids once they are out of high school.  Irina is on her junior year of high school.  I'm getting a glimpse of what it will be like. 

We got the house pressure washed this week.  One step closer to putting it on the market.  Cleans up very nicely.  Need to make a tax appointment w/ the CPA.  Oh, just did.  Yeh.  Hopefully, I can find all the receipts this weekend.  Think so. 

We're also still working away at the house so we can put it on the market.  Won't be long.  And, making secondary plans for if we can't sell it.  House is really keeping us busy. 

Kids were crazy this week.  There is no gentle way to put that.  Some times it happens.  And that's okay.  Important thing is to move forward.  Doesn't help though with all the broken things.  See, years ago we had a lady come in here from mental health for intensive in home for some of the kids.  She did not believe me when I told her my kids break something literally everyday in this house.  She said I'm sure you don't mean every single day.  So, for the next week, I kept a list of what got broken, how it got broken and who broke it.  Handed her the sheet next time she was here.  She was stunned.  Looked at it and said you were serious when you said every day.  I say "yep."  My kids have kept up w/ the breaking something every day bit.  See, with FASers, there is no impulse control, lack of judgment and no cause and effect thinking.  Tell me something is not going to get broke w/ those things multiplied by 6 in this house.  LOL.  This week, the dishwasher broke(still broken), stove handle, skateboard, giant dog water bowl, 2 papasan chairs, and a pottery pie plate given to us for our wedding.  I am not joking when I say things get broken every week here.  They do.  It's not cheap to replace some of these items.  I know they don't mean it (for the most part) but geez, some weeks take their toll.  This was one of those weeks.  Tired of broken things.  Doesn't look attractive to future buyers.  Of course, how do you explain that to them.  You can't.  No one "gets" FASD unless they live w/ it daily.  Just been a long week and hence, no blog posts for 2 days. 

Enough venting.  Soccer tryouts are tomorrow.  Irina is going to work the concession stand at our church which does Upwards Basketball.  Great program.  My kids will be doing Upwards Soccer at another church.  Can't wait.  Season starts in March but tryouts are tomorrow.  They've been practicing all week long.  6 younger kids will play this season.  Yana is supposed to find out today when track tryouts are.  Older kids have decided not to do youth group this semester.  I said okay.  I think they are trying to find various things to focus on. 

I'm still making plans for the summer time.  Deaf camp is in May.  We're going.  I'll post more on it when they send me the info.  June is the Bulgarian Reunion in Ohio.  Can't wait.  We're making it a trip w/ other states to sight see in.  Kids are helping me decide where to go.  July, we'll have a family reunion here in this state.  Also, in July we have Alex's birthday and the 4th of July.  Busy times.  Trying to see what we may be able to do in April.  Like to go camping but depends upon recovery if surgeries take place in March. We'll find out mid-February about any possible upcoming surgeries.  Just little pieces going on here and there.  Keeping up with it all. 

I'll have more picture posts to come later this evening.  Just wanted to let everyone know we haven't fallen off the face of the earth here.  Just living life and keeping up with it.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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