Friday, February 17, 2012

Calling, corn & Cindy-Lou-Hoo

Time for a little picture post I think.  It's a Friday today.  Thankfully, we are staying home this evening and all weekend long.  That may sound boring to some but it honestly has been a long week.  We need to focus on fixing up the house and getting organized.  Or should I say reorganized?  Told kids they can hang out w/ friends.  But will be expected to help out w/ the house in between friend hanging out.  It's give and take around here.  Tonight, a simple dinner w/ grilled barbecue chicken, sweet potatoes and bake beans.  Followed by a movie I do believe.  Simple.  We need to keep it simple this weekend.  Some of the older kids are having a tough time right now w/ some school issues.  Will be working on them next week for sure.  Let's just put it this way, 2 of the 4 that go to public school have now asked to be homeschooled as well.  It's weighing heavy on my mind.  I will explain a bit further down the road.  There are a lot of big decisions we need to make in regards to our kids and not just schooling issues.  My brain is fried this week from so much thinking.  So, I need a picture post as distraction. 

Summer and Nik deciding that they need to call each other.  With the dry vac hose no less.  Yuck.  In their defense, it is a really new shop vac.  

There is just something funny about a kid that can't talk right trying to speak to a deaf child.  Neither can understand the other.  That's why Summer is learning sign.  Well, for that and many other reasons.  

Nothing like fresh corn in the middle of winter.  That's right.  Fresh corn from FL.  Did not cost us any more than it does in the summer time.  Think the dogs think they're getting some?

Reni and Logan getting right down to business and shucking the corn.

My oldest and youngest working together on the corn.  Why they shuck it on the floor, I don't quite get.  But, I will not turn down help either.  So floor it is!

I know it's a bit blurry but you got to love her style.  She is just working so hard on that corn cob.  She put her jeans on inside out and all.  

Alyona and Logan.  Logan is working on Alyona's hair.  He braids great and now has requests from the girls.  LOL.  

And, here is Cindy-Lou- Hoo.  She did get all those pieces out of there, btw.  

Needed those pictures.  Kids really are adjusting and bonding to each other.  It happened much sooner than I thought.  That's a good thing.  It feels 'right.'  Feels like they've always been here.  They are reading cues really well too.  I'll have a post on everything soon too.  I am determined to catch up on the many a started posts and also on that home organizing.  As you can see, I'm avoiding it like the plague right now.  So blog posts first it is!  LOL.  put off today what you can do tomorrow. 

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