Monday, February 27, 2012


I posted a short video the other day about boys.  Well, not really about boys but simply 3 of my boys in action.  Never still.  Never quiet.  That's who they are.  My boys.  I swear they could find dirt where a hazmat team has already cleaned.  They're dirt magnets.  And trouble magnets for that matter.  But, from my experience, pretty typical boys.  The boys will be boys mentality is played out in this home over and over again.  Thought I'd share just a few short examples.

 Logan with his sister Summer.  See, boys can be nice....sometimes. 

Alex and Logan goofing off.  Of course, they won't be able to do this for long alone.  No, they'll have to drag another brother into the act.

Yep, Max fell victim.  LOL.  

Always, always in a head lock, on the floor wrestling or chasing each other.  The boys are never still.  Never quiet.  Frankly, I'm super surprised Bojan and Nik aren't in this picture.  They must have been gone at the time.  Do my boys ever carry it too far?  Yep.  They do.  Not all the time but sometimes they don't know they're on strength and definitely don't know how to find that 'off' switch half the time.  Again, boys will be boys.  

Well, Yana needs to do research so I'm taking a break for a short bit.  4 blog posts in one day.  Not bad.  More to come.  I have a back log of pictures and topics for that matter. 

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