Friday, February 3, 2012

Blast from the past!

Can't believe another month has gone by.  Already February.  Supposed to be at least a little chillly, even in NC.  However, we've had windows open for a few days w/ it even reaching the 70's here.  Not complaining, feels great.  Yet somehow, some way, most all of us are longing for at least a little bit of winter.  In the south, you live to see that one nice snowfall.  We only get about 1 a year if we're lucky.  A great sled ride.  Something.  Anything.  No snowballs, no snowmen, no snow angels, no snow cream, nothing.  So, we're already talking about flip flops and who needs shorts.  Just feels kind of weird is all.  Drinking sweet tea instead of hot cocoa.  Haven't made much chilli or homemade soup lately.  But, we trudge on.  We'll see what February brings.  Maybe at least one hot cocoa, wrap up in a blanket day would be nice.  Just one.  Mean time, I'll share some photos of our past February's.  Hope you enjoy taking a look back in time.

This was Nik in Feb. of 2008.  He was 5yo here.  Cute.  His hearing aids never wanted to stay in.  He looks so little here to me.  

Irina with Alyona.  Ahh, sweet sisters.  You won't find that right now.  LOL.  Both were in cheer leading years ago.  This was also in 2008.

 Wow, smiling Alex. 

Yana with a hint of that preteen attitude developing.  Can you tell??  This was in Feb. of 2008 as well.  We were all at an Upwards Basketball game.

 Alyona, proud to have lost a tooth.  This was in Feb. of 2010.

Dreaming of this white stuff lately.  It's just so pretty.  Feb. 2010.

Max putting together the shark mop which I LOVED.  Broken now.  But we used it a ton before it broke.  Do wish I had another one.  Add it to the wish list. LOL 

Yana, trying a jalapeno pepper for the first time.  Not a fan.  This was in 2010.

Couple pictures from the past.  Neat to see how much the kids have changed over the years.  Next year, the new kids will be included b/c they will have been here long enough.  Can you believe it?!  Once they're home, they feel like they've been here forever.  Amazing really.  Ready for this February and to see what it will bring us.  Valentine's Day is coming up.  Maybe we'll get some of the white stuff (aka...snow) but highly doubtful.  My flowers have already started to bloom.  So, need to readjust to be thinking about spring soon.  More to come.  Waiting for Warren to get home.  Having some grilled chicken, veggies and mashed potatoes.  Kids and I already ate the fudge.  Busy day tomorrow but looking forward to it.  Enjoy your weekend.

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