Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Anticipation-- interruption for cuteness

Two lengthy posts w/ no pictures.  Definitely not me.  Must get back to some serious cuteness here.  As you can tell from this blog, there are more pics of Summer and Nik, our two youngest, than the other kids.  Well, you know why w/ the 4 teens.  Teens aren't much for the camera and I respect their privacy.  So, I do limit pictures of them on here  quite a bit.  I take pictures of them but do get that look of "if you take a picture of me, I will rip that camera from your hands mom."  You will see more pictures of the younger kids than the teens.  Though, I do manage to sneak some in here of the teens.  Shhh. 

So, the other day I made cupcakes for snack.  Each time I make something, a different kid will get to help.  They know the kid who helps gets to lick the beater so there is some incentive here.  Especially, if it's chocolate.  It was Summer's turn. 

Just beaming w/ anticipation of making her first cake with mom.  

All smiles and ready to make some cake.  And of course, lick the icing.

Nik had to get a picture in.  Hey, he didn't jump in front of her this time.  

 She can barely stand the wait for those cupcakes.  And yes, the stove handle is completely ripped off the door.  Got to love it when you're putting a house for sale.  

Never get tired of that smile.  The kids enjoyed the cupcakes as much as they did making them.  When we make cakes/ cupcakes, someone helps make the cake part and someone helps make the icing.  And, they have learned over the years that if they fuss at who's turn it is, they won't have a turn for awhile.  That  took some teaching.  LOL.  They were awesome cupcakes and fun to make w/ Summer. 

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