Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Alyona's eyes

For those that are new, one dx that Alyona has is ONH(optic nerve hypoplasia).  It is typically not progressive.  Last year we were concerned b/c her eyes changed greatly.  This year, we are happy to report today that her eyes are stable again.  No change!  Now, that doesn't mean her vision doesn't suck.  It does.  Royally.  She really has only one "good eye."  Other eye is useless for the most part.  Not just b/c of the vision but the strabismus too.  Along w/ other fancy eye terms I don't know.  Her good eye w/ correction is around 20/200. Her acuity has gotten better this year.  That means she is compensating very well for the lack of vision she has.  Our ophthalmologist explained it a few years ago w/ her.  For Alyona, it is as though she is looking through grains of sand.  I can't imagine.  Though, if you ever meet her, you'd never know.  This causes issues w/ schooling and her being able to see.  However, there are other issues that don't help things along either.  Just good to know that Alyona's vision hasn't gotten worse again.  Warren took her out for a biscuit afterwards so it was just the two of them.  We do that w/ our kids here and there.  One on one time. 

Anyhow, got to get back to work.  Alyona is helping me make pigs in the blanket for dinner.  Rolling up the hamburger & rice in the cabbage.  Rest are outside doing soccer drills for 30 minutes or so.  We take breaks while homeschooling if we're home.  With all their dx's, focusing becomes an issue.  So, going and taking breaks seems to break that cycle.  Focuses them more.  Also, allows me time to get in phone calls to docs and things like that.  Warren and I are doing lots of paperwork this evening.  Lots.  Taxes, Nik's processors need to be returned, some Christmas gifts that the kids broke & are under warranty need to be returned, bills paid, etc.  Paper work.  Boring stuff.  And, some painting.  Yep, getting serious about selling the house.  Can't wait.  More to come on different things here and there.  However, need to get kids back in.  Break's over.  LOL.  Just had to share how her appointment went.  Hope tomorrow's voc. rehab is just as good.  We'll see. 

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