Friday, February 3, 2012

Alien talk

I came in the boys' room the other day and looked at the wall.  See, recently, we have rearranged the room to get ready for the sale. 

It's a start.  Still have work to do to straighten up a bit more but getting there.

Nik in the little nook area of the room.  Window frames still need painting and most everything needs patching.  Even more so since Nik has moved in here.

Turned the corner and this is what I saw.  On the chalk board wall.  Looked like alien talk to me at first before I deciphered it.  On the right are mountains.  With a volcano erupting in the middle of it.  Near the fish, which he kindly tacked to the wall, are two people.  The one on the right is Nik.  He is pointing and making fun of the kid that is screaming at him.  He told me the kid has a smushed face.   I told him that's mean!  Next to that on the left is a table w/ a birthday cake on it and presents laying on the floor.  Nik's party of course.  Under the card there is a guy getting flattened by it.  There's more up there but some you can figure out.

Nik, quite proud of his work.  Remember kids, we're trying to SELL the house.  Not have people retreat in fear.  URGHH!!!  When we put the sign in the yard this month, we have lots to keep up w/ I fear.  

Well, three posts in one day.  Does that make up for my lack of posting this week?  I didn't think so.  Oh well.  Have more pictures to put up and a few more posts.  It's a very late dinner this evening.  So, had the chance to write.  Now, to get organized before I come back up here.  Yana has a friend over for a bit, Bojan is spending the night at a friend's house and the rest are here.  We've been cleaning and clearing the clutter this week.  Big trash haul tomorrow for sure.  You never know how much you accumulate until you get ready to sell a home.  Or how much is broken should I say.  Need to get going.  enjoy  your weekend.

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