Sunday, January 15, 2012


Many wonder if adopting out of birth order is a good idea or not.  It's not for everyone, I'm sure.  Some prefer to keep the birth order the same.  I can tell you from our experience, it really hasn't made a difference when the new kids enter the family or how old they are.  We typically will know ahead of time if it will be a good match.  Irina and Max were first.  Nothing needed there.  For Yana and Alex, we hosted them a week first so we knew for sure they'd fit in.  For Bojan, just had a strong gut feeling.  With Alyona and Nik, after that first trip, I knew they'd work right in w/ this family.  These past three, when we saw the videos, we just knew they were perfect for this family.  Are they always getting along?  No way!  they fight like every other sibling on this planet would.  But, they also love being together at times.  Thought I'd share a few brief together moments.

Yep, true siblings teasing each other.  These are my two 12 yo's.  Well, Bojan is now 13yo.  Alyona is oblivious to what's going on.  

Logan, Nik and Reni.  I know, he has no shirt on.  No shoes either.  We'd be in trouble if we ever lived up north.  My kids would never survive it.  they are happiest in shorts and flip flops. 

Sisters true and true.  This honestly is exactly what Alyona needed.  More than most of you realize.  FAS can be a very lonely thing.  Having sisters who love you definitely helps.  When someone was discouraging during our adoption process, I'd always think of how much Alyona would love having sisters around.  I'm pretty sure this says it all.  It really is love for her.  And the love, goes both ways.  If those of you are struggling w/ your decision or with what some may be saying to you, try to focus on the end result....a family full of love.  Adoption has tons of roadblocks.  However, in the end, every single one was there for a reason.  

Reni and Nik. My two 9 yo's.  Yeh, my kids like pajamas. 

The goof balls goofing around.  Nik, well, he just wants in the shot.  He and Summer are our ultimate camera hogs.  Doesn't matter who I am going to take a picture of or the occassion, they want in on it.  Burns me up sometimes.  Try taking a birthday picture of someone blowing out the candles & Nik literally jumping in front of the birthday person for the shot.  The kid is going to end up on tv somehow, some way.  I'm sure of it.  

Those were just a few off hand pictures I had of some of the sibs together.  Some times they fight but for the most part, they do fairly well together. 

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