Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

Oh boy, bringing this back so now I have to think.  Shouldn't be too hard though.  Lately, my kids have done some great things. 

Irina-- Was willing to let Reni sleep in her bedroom a couple times when first home. Now, remember Irina is OCD.  I don't say that jokingly either.  Medication is involved.  She let Reni sleep there b/c she knew Reni was scared.  Yet, she also knew that wetting the bed was likely.  (I'll have more on that later...the good).  Irina chose love and I just thought that was thoughtful of her.


Big brother is always, always there for these girls.  Ready to tackle any silly request they have.  I think this is great considering most 16yo's don't seem to care much about their younger sibs.  Max has balance and I love that about him. 

Thoughtful for Max to think of his little sisters.  

Yana-- Yana sat at the table last night and helped Reni with phonics for English.  Another thoughtful sister.

Bojan-- Bojan has been helping Alex with school work if he needs it.  Bojan offering help like that is just a thoughtful thing for a brother to do. 

Alyona-- Alyona has really taken to the big sister role.  Caring for her younger sibs.  She has been teaching Reni and Summer the ropes.  Though at times, she does need to back off from being 'too' much of a big sister if you know what I mean. 

Alex-- Oh my goodness.  I have seen so many thoughtful acts of kindness from Alex, it is hard to believe he has RAD.  Truly, it is.  He has come so, so far.  Mom, I'll get that for you.  Does Summer need help?  Alyona, I'll help you take out the recycling.  Really, these past few weeks,  I have noticed an extremely positive change in Alex.  Just been thoughtful to everyone that I honestly can't pinpoint one moment over another.  I just thought he should be recognized for it all. 

Logan-- Offered to take the garbage out the other day even though it wasn't his chore.

Reni-- Reni took charge and changed Summer's diaper.  No questions asked.  She could have passed it onto anyone else but she didn't.  Put Summer's needs first.

Nik-- Oh this one takes the cake.  The other day Summer fell down the stairs.  I put her on my lap and sat on the floor w/ her. She was crying of course.  Nik came over, kisses her and sits on the other side of me and holds her hand.  I was absolutely stunned.  Happy but stunned.  He really does love her.  Thoughtful of Nik to think of his baby sister when she was hurt.

Summer-- This little love bug is just as thoughtful.  She is always there to give a hug when needed.  Even when not needed. 

I'll try to keep better track this upcoming week of thoughtful things my kids do.  Just think every parent who has children with behavioral or mental disabilities, needs to see that there is good in every single one of them.  Some days you may have to look harder than others but it's there.  Yesterday, I'll admit was hard.  Nik and Logan were hammering holes in their door so they could make a peephole to see who wants in their room.  URGHH!!!  Yes, even on days like that.  Hope you're all having a good day.  More to come but we're catching up w/ school stuff.  They're playing for 30 minutes outside.  Irina's home as she had exams today.  History is next and then finishing up any work books.  We're on a mission this weekend to completely clean, fix & stage the downstairs.  NO other plans but that.  Period.  House must get ready to sell.  Next weekend we have museums we're going to and a big bonfire party at a friend's house.  Well, the farm.  We LOVE it there.  So, told my kids since next two weekends are packed, this weekend we must, must complete the house stuff.  They reluctantly agreed.  LOL.  More later.

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