Friday, January 27, 2012

Summer's OT & PT

As you are aware, Summer has been dx'd w/ c-ACC.  Agenesis of the corpus callosum.  She is missing completely that part of her brain which connects the two hemispheres.  This effects every single child differently.  Kind of like how FASD effects every kid differently. I now have 7 kids w/ various brain disorders.  So, getting pretty familiar w/ how things go.  We will be having to get Summer checked out by a few more specialists to be sure of some things.  One thing that apparently is common is eye issues such as ONH or SOD.  Now, Alyona has ONH(optic nerve hypoplasia) and Nik they thought had SOD(septic optic dysplasia).  So, I'm pretty familiar w/ these and not too worried that Summer has either.  Even if she does, pretty much know how to handle it anyhow.  No biggie.  It is also recommended she see an endocrinologist.  We will get these referrals in mid-Feb. when we go to see the developmental ped.  For now though, we saw an OT & PT.  She definitely qualifies in these areas to get help.  Her balance is off which we knew as she falls frequently.  Her gross motor skills are actually better than they thought they'd be.  That's awesome. Fine motor, not so much.  And these are all just preliminary results.  Write up will come in a few weeks to us and we'll share more then.  All I know is we love her to pieces and we'll help her reach her fullest potential. 

I will be getting a speech eval set up if possible.  I'm not sure what's going on it that area.  Obviously, nothing as serious as Nik.  But, you can tell she needs a little bit of speech therapy to help her a bit more.  I do believe in a few months time, she'd be just fine.  However, my bigger concern is she's not really speaking much in Bulgarian but a few words.  The rest of what she speaks is gibberish.  Older kids are saying that it is definitely not Bulgarian whatsoever.  The other day, she was totally making up words.  Again, not sure what's going on w/ that.  Her newest word for English is thank you.  Says it for everything.  Everything.  It's too cute.  Yet, we are now tired of hearing thank you.  I'll be interested to hear in Feb. what the developmental ped says in regards to Summer.  I know she is behind but also am seeing her improve on certain things.  We're all getting there slowly but surely.  Not rushing anything.  I can see it takes Summer time to process anything.  She also easily shuts down.  She does this w/ new people all the time.  Did it for the therapists.  Did it in home school classes.  Did it to us in Bulgaria.  So, would love to figure that piece out for sure.

Can't wait to share more about Ms. Summer.  Just wanted to give a brief update on the evals thus far.  It is a process with her that will extend over the next few months.  Needing to see where she is, are there any physical issues, etc.  Then, we go from there.  She will need OT, PT, and speech.  So, we'll be working with her on some basic skills.  My original intentions were to teach her on a preschool level w/ the other kids when she got home.  However, plans change as we all are aware.  We will be working on more basic things such as balancing so we don't fall, dressing ourself correctly, potty training, holding a pencil, etc.  Going at her pace is key.  Can't wait to share more of her journey. 

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