Saturday, January 28, 2012

Staying cozy

It was hard to remember what I've posted about and what I haven't.  I realized, I never posted about one of the presents my kids received for Christmas that they absolutely LOVED!  I was reminded of it this morning as they came downstairs all wrapped up.  Could that have been b/c it was really warm yesterday and I turned off the heat & then forgot to turn it back on before bed?  Yep.  Hey, it's the first weekend everyone slept in.  LOL.  Anyhow, thought I'd share our gift. 

Everyone anxiously awaiting to see what's in the big box from Uncle Chris and Aunt Mindy.  Yes, I know one is not wearing a shirt.  And, one has their shirt on backwards.  Hey, they're all showered & that should be counted as progress.

 Logan, showing off his present.  Nice and snuggly.  And, his very own.  Quite a different concept for him than in the orphanage.

Everyone trying out the warmth of their new blankets.  That's right folks, each of the ten kids got a blanket their very own.  

 Irina, snug as a bug.  Bojan, loves his as a pillow. 

Ahh, my two camera hogs.  

Do you think they all liked their new presents?  My brother and his wife always give such great gifts.  One year we got a telescope that they still use!  

More smiles.  These blankets were huge!  Wonderful to wrap up in.  

Ooh, one more opportunity for the camera hog.  LOL.  Nik made sure he posed w/ everyone.  

Perfect gift for some of my kids w/ temperature regulating issues.  Alyona really pleased with her blanket and the color.  

 And, for one that is always dressed for winter, this is ideal.  And how do we know who's is who's?  Well, look at Alex's blanket.  That's right, they had every single one monogrammed!  So each kid knows which blanket belongs to them.   Like I said, perfect. 

Wonderful gifts that the kids use daily.  Great to lay on the bed or just lounge around w/.  They all brought them down this morning.  It was cold in here.  Didn't mean to forget to turn the heat back on.  Now, it's off again and their in shorts.  Got to love this crazy January weather.  I know it's a belated Christmas post but can't believe I forgot to share about their blankets.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend. 

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